Are Concentration Camps on Back of German Currency?

Only in America

Monticello Slave Plantation

So there really is a slave plantation on the back of the nickel. Not surprised, maybe not even new information for some, but definitely worth the viewpoint of a revisionist.

I am all for ensuring history is never forgotten, not allowing for certain periods of history to be inaccurately re-written, or discarded as if they never occurred. When it comes to the history of slavery in our country, we do not teach the truth in its entirety. Many stories about the involvement of slaves as it pertains to the advancement of our nation are glossed over or told from a perspective that lionizes the oppressor. Many forlorn parts of our history are narrated with the flattery of our founding fathers overlooking the lives and families they destroyed. Most of these men were terrorists, hands down. Look, there were many white men who were abolitionists, many who refused to go along with the system of oppression, so the argument they were just men of their times is absurd.

So, maybe they are teaching our children about the back of the nickel in K-12 nowadays [it’s been a while] but this doesn’t make it ‘ok’, not without proper context. And the proper context would surely ignite debate to have it removed. For many of Blacks/African Americans, the Afrikan Holocaust and Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade represent tyranny, terrorism, and the most brutal suppression of a group this nation has ever seen. Yet, some of us, because we are indoctrinated into this so-called ‘white supremacist’ system of pedagogy, are rarely bothered with our government providing the most prolific eulogies for slave owners [terrorists] who happened to be President.

Again, maybe my viewpoint is troubled with too much truth. So what if it was his home, so what if one would like to ‘believe’ life there was good for people held against their will, Afrikans who were raped, killed and forced to work for free and build the Jefferson empire, a former slave plantation now a landmark.

There are so many things wrong with this; sure, make it a landmark, it is part of our history. However, when we do things like place it on the back of our metallic money, in my opinion, we celebrate colonialism, imperialism and the slaughter of a group of people who still argue over their history as if it were a debate about who is best to cast for the next blockbuster role to play Jesus or Michael Jackson. Why do we contend each other, why are we disbanded? Our history was stolen along with our culture, our names. Now we find our identity beneath bloody layers of stories filled with white lies.

My ancestors built this country, the White House, and I’m sure Monticello. We will never totally understand the Black experience because our society as a whole does not see this as simply disrespectful. Plantations were not pleasant places on prairies to be revered on the back of coins. I have to agree with some of our Ancient Afrikan History scholars; the Jews would never have this. The remnants of Hitler’s rule, yes it is there for many to see so they never forget. However, I don’t believe it’s flaunted, or connected to any sort of meaningful items of value, especially monetary value. And I’m pretty sure there are no concentration camps on the back of German currency.

We don’t desire to be lionized, we are the lions and all of our truths will soon be told. “Until the lion tells his side of the story, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.” Afrikan Proverb