Miscarriage: It’s more common than you think
Anna Druet

Goodness, it’s funny there. Mammals are mentioned, there is mention of “experiencing” pregnancy but not once is it mentioned that being pregnant and having to deal with the experience of miscarriage only applies to one sex, mammals being a sexual reproducing species with two sexes. Great job on erasing women (adult human females) out of something that only applies to female persons. Do we have to same sensibilities when referring to does, that is female deer or sows, which are female pigs? Females are not walking uteruses, it incredibly insulting and dehumanising to refer to them in that way, and even worse when discussing the emotional impact of this issue. I’ve had friends that have had multiple miscarriages, and they exist and need to be allowed to talk about this as a problem specific to women.

Men cannot get pregnant, and if men need health services they need to be lobbying to have those services inclusive of them and their male needs rather than erasing women and the ability to have health care providers and services address the needs of their group. No male was ever excluded from these services, they have no need for them.

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