Why property is crucial for your portfolio

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At the Blackmore Group, we’re focused on creating medium to long term growth for our clients. We’ll create a robust portfolio by investing in a range of different asset classes for you, which typically cover property, private equity, sustainable energy and the lifestyle industries.

Your portfolio

We’ll put your wishes at the heart of everything we do, taking into account your goals and challenges, tailoring your portfolio accordingly. We don’t take a one cap fits all approach, we’ll put together a portfolio that is in line with your priorities. Moreover, once we’ve created your portfolio, we won’t rest on our laurels; we’ll always manage your investment proactively.

All investments carry some risk and can go down as well as up in value, but that’s what makes it all the more important to take a proactive approach to investment and to invest across a variety of industries, as we do. So you’re not so vulnerable to a down turn in one particular market.

Property a mainstay of investment

One investment that has long been heralded as a lynchpin of the investment portfolio is property. Property offers diversity when placed alongside other asset classes, being a tangible physical asset that can provide both long term growth and a regular income for the investor.

Also, when looked at over time, property tends to perform differently to other assets, and that’s to your advantage. For, property buoys up the more notable vicissitudes of other industries and investments like shares — thereby reducing risk. In fact, property tends to do better than that.

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Diversity within asset class

Moreover, when looked at as an individual asset class, property offers great diversity within the sector too — put simply, there are many ways you can invest in property. You could invest in commercial or residential property, directly in your own project or indirectly through someone else’s. You might invest in holiday homes or student accommodation, affordable homes or property at the luxury end of the market.

Commercial property is a key component of a broad investment portfolio, offering an alternative to the buy-to-let residential market. Industrial, retail and office buildings can provide you with diversity even within this particular asset class.

No two locations are the same

Within all of this you also have the diversity presented by the different property markets in different locations, none of which perform quite alike. You might find an area that is on the up or one that is already established with a healthy rental market.

Research is critical to property investment

When it comes to success in property investment, research is the key. That’s why we have skilled investment managers and a dedicated research team, who are diligently and constantly assessing the market. Each investment is assessed on its individual merits, and when we do invest, asset performance is analysed over time.

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Property investment — part of our approach

So you can see why property investment remains an important element of our strategy. Property has proven to be a robust investment over time, providing a tangible physical asset, plus in many cases providing growth over time and a regular income. Moreover, as we’ve seen, property performs distinctly from other assets, and can even provide you with diversity within a single asset class.

So within the Blackmore Group, property remains an important element, among other investments, within our multi-asset investment house.