Before You Start Your Business, Ask Yourself THIS Question First!

I get asked a lot of questions regarding the first thing to focus on when trying to start a business or when trying to get things off the ground.

Often times many people think you first need investors, you need to set up a logo, you need a great name, and do all these different things. Before you do all of that, the one thing you absolutely need is to make sure that you believe in what you are doing.

“The one thing you absolutely need is to make sure that you believe in what you are doing.” — Vick Tipnes

When I started my company I had to get investors and all these other things together. Though, at one point I remember going to my kids’ school to pick them up and getting a phone call from my business partner at the time. He said our investor pulled out, he is not going to be able to put any money in, and he was done. I was shocked. My business partner also told me that we did not have any money left and I kept thinking that this was not good.

At the time I think we had around $2,500 in our operating account and that week alone our payroll was about $20,000. I had no money left and I had put every dollar I had into the business. On top of that, a friend that I had, or at least thought I had for around 20 years, decided to leave as well.

Believe in Yourself and Your Mission

Here I was at 5:30 PM on a Tuesday afternoon a few years ago, and I remember it like it was just yesterday. I am picking up my kids and they are almost to me when I get this news — when kids are at that age it does not matter what day others had, but they will want to go get ice cream still.

I was bombarded with this huge obstacle that I was going to be bankrupt in three days and the one thing I remember very specifically about that moment in time was that I had zero doubt that the business was worth it.


There was not one thought in my mind about giving up, thinking it was not worth it, or thinking I should go do something else. There was no doubt that what I was doing was right.

I did not know it at the time how profound that was in my life, but later on as I grew as a person and as a businessman, I started to make sure that every time I did anything, whether it was in business, with a spouse, or with a friend, that I applied that same formula.

“If I have any doubt about something, I back off from it.”

This is because I have looked at the fact that anything I have done that has gone right, I knew well before it started that I believed in it and it was going to go right. At the time when all the odds were stacked against me, I still pursued forward and moved forward with persistence and vigor and was able to make it right.

Ask Yourself

Before you get your company logo, before you go get investors, before you start doing any of those things, ask yourself the question, “Would I be willing to struggle and fight through the same adversity and do I believe in this as much?”

If the answer is “yes” then move forward. Move forward really fast. If you have any hesitation about it and you think that maybe it is not right, then listen to that and do not do it.

I hope that helps because it was a huge lesson for me. This is not just for the belief in yourself and your own ability, but for the fact that you have to be your own best friend and realize that you always know the right thing. Listen to that and it will help you build a more successful business and lead a better life.

Go get it.

- VT

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