How to Flush out Negative People from Your Life.

Figuring out how to remove negative people from your life.

One of the biggest ways to find the types of people to remove from around you, is to notice when people tell you they are going to call you, they are going to hang out with you, they have your back, and then you never hear from them. Those are the first types of people you want to remove — flaky people. In the business and entrepreneurial world, where you are actually trying to get stuff done, those are the worst people to hang out with because they are a royal waste of time.

The second type of person who you want to flush out from your life is the person who is constantly invalidating you, your dreams, and your ideas. Often, when you talk to them about something they are constantly telling you that they have somebody, or know somebody, that does your service better, or is stronger, or faster. Those are people you absolutely want to just get rid of. Somebody that is going to invalidate your ideas, dreams, beliefs, make you smaller, make you feel smaller, and any of those types of things.

The third type of people, and to me one of the most important to get rid of, are people that just constantly give you shit. The one thing I have come to understand for myself and think is very important, is that as hard as it is in this life, you have to be a real tiger to get shit done. If somebody is going to give you shit about it, you have to get rid of them. Do not take shit from anybody, ever. You are never going to get anything done if you do.

“In this life, as hard as it is, you have to be a real tiger to get shit done.” — Vick Tipnes

Be aware of who you surround yourself and do not be afraid to flush out negative people for your success. These are the three types of people that if you have them in your life, “arrivederci.”