Most of my life I lacked self-confidence, I was very insecure and had a hard time speaking to people or standing up for myself at times. I would avoid crowds of people and was terrified to go and speak to someone, much less someone of the opposite sex. I just couldn’t get over it, until I finally confronted it and realized what “Self Confidence” really is.

Self Confidence is defined as: a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, judgment and power. And the Origin of the word is Latin confidentia, from confidentem (nominative confidens) “firmly trusting, bold,” present participle of confidere “to have full trust or reliance,

So silly me thought that self confidence came from just thinking that I was or should be confident, but it’s more than that. It wasn’t until I fully understood the definition, “having trust in one’s abilities!” That’s the main point!

If you are lacking in abilities or skills you will lack in confidence. If you don’t truly know your craft backwards and forwards, you will not be able to exert force, power, because you will second-guess yourself. Nothing and I mean nothing can replace the true competency that you gain from training and studying. And that level of self-confidence is very noticeable, highly respected and quite attractive.

So I knew that I had to do EVERYTHING that I could do to increase my skill sets in sales. How was I very going to be able to tell another sales person of mine to go make cold calls, when I didn’t have the skill to do it myself? I needed skills to make me a better sales person.

You don’t just magically wake up one day and you’re this amazingly skilled, confident person, it is something that is sweated for.

There’s an old saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none.” That’s such crap! Don’t be a dilettante or an amateur about things. Having that mind set will not create true self-confidence in YOU. Rather, choose to be a Professional and do things to a Professional standard in all the things that you choose to do.

Today, if I ever feel insecure about something, I instantly think that I need to increase my knowledge about it, and when I do, my responsibility and control of that thing naturally goes up.

Doing things as an amateur will only lead you to live an amateur life.

I hope this was useful,

Vick Tipnes CEO Blackstone Medical Services

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