Increase Your Control and Certainty with Statitics!

There are many ways to look at your numbers and how well your business is doing. Some people look at last year’s numbers compared to this year, year over year or what you did last August compared to this August.

It’s sometimes confusing, and there can be so many different ways to analyze it, which one do you ultimately choose?? Then you must pick what to measure.

Statistical graphs are always the best way. Statistics are simply a line graph representation of your numbers. But why would a line graph be so powerful, when compared to some Ivy League graduate, that has a very cool and super complicated spreadsheet??

Because there is one simple law — “ Nothing remains static in this universe, things are either going up or going down. And when anything is left alone, it will always go down”.

Look at that for moment. Name one thing that stays the same? Your body, car, businesses, house, buildings, relationships, cells in your body and everything you see is going in one of two directions. And if you took no action on anyone of those things, they would all go down!

So based on that simple yet very powerful law, we can act based on what the statistic is showing us. You can stat the time you spend with you kids, friends, clients, etc. Everything can be placed on a stat, and then you can actually see the level of activity that you are expending and what type of result you are getting.

The trick is to only stat those things that you can influence. That’s the key! If you’re a sales rep, you would stat you visits to clients and the number of widgets you sold that day or week. Then you will get a very good idea of how much activity it took to sell those widgets.

I’ll give you an example. This morning I was in a meeting with one of my sales reps. and his stats were up! So I asked him what “he did” that contributed to his spike in sales.

“Now something to consider here. There are no coincidences. EVERYTHING happens for a reason, either you or someone else, or both had an intention to make that happen. Its not the weather, or time of year, or holiday, those are all justifications and being reasonable”.

So he struggled with it for a few minutes, and so I said, “why don’t you tell me what you could do to decrease your sales?” and he said “huh?” So I said to him, that most sales people could easily tell you what they could do, to ruin their book of business. So if you can name the things to bring it down, you must be able to identify what would bring them up.

So if you can’t identify what you’re doing that is contributing to your increases, then you are in trouble!

Because then you may accidently stop doing that ONE thing that was contributing to your growth in sales! It’s that important!

I have searched the planet for the best way to manage my business and life, and stats are it. I hope that helps.


Vick Tipnes

CEO Blackstone Medical Services