Please Answer this Question Before you Start your Business.

Please answer this question before you start your business, your ability to get through tough times depends on this.

Most people think that you need a ton of stuff before you start up your first company. People think you need things like branding, marketing material, websites, and investors and all this start-up capital… But before any of that, there’s something that you have to question yourself on.

Do you believe in what you’re doing?

Back when I was starting my first company, and I had to do the overwhelming amount of stuff to start it up, it was a key reminder and a driving force behind my daily motivation to accomplish and overcome every obstacle that holds so many entrepreneurs back from achieving their business dreams and success. Are you bought in enough to what you’re doing to overcome every obstacle that is going to be on your journey to your own success?

Let me tell you a story about my journey to my current business success.

I was going to my kid’s school to pick them up. I have two boys — nine and ten at the time, and I’m going to pick them up when I get a phone call from my business partner at that time.

He says, “Are investor is pulling out you know, he’s done he’s not going to be able to put any money in.” I’m like holy shit!

We don’t really have any money left and I think of the time we had $2,500 in our operating account and that week our payroll was about $20,000. I had no money left. I put every dollar that I had in the business and then the friend that I had (the guy who I thought was my friend for so many years and I’ll leave out the names) says, “well I’m out too.”

So here I was at 5:30 on a Tuesday afternoon and I remember like it was yesterday. It was only two and a half years ago. I’m going to pick up my kids, and my kids are like 50 feet away from me and you know kids don’t give a shit about what’s going on with you when you’re that age. It doesn’t matter what kind of day you have, they want to go get ice cream!

I was just bombarded with this huge obstacle that I’m going to be bankrupt in like 3 days and the one thing I remember very specifically about that moment in time was that I had zero doubt that the business was worth it, 0. There was not one thought in my mind about giving up or thinking it wasn’t worth it or maybe I should go do something else.

I had no doubt about it. I wavered 0 and I didn’t know it at that time about how profound that was in my life. But later on as I grew as a person and as a businessman I started to make sure that every time I did anything whether it was in business, whether it was with a spouse or a friend that I applied that same formula.

That if I had any doubt about something, any doubt about it — I would back off from it because I’ve looked at the fact that everything in my life that has gone right, I knew well before it started. That if I believed in it, that it was going to go right and at that moment in time when all the odds were stacked against me I still proceed forward. I still move forward with persistence and vigour and was able to make it go right.

There was not one thought in my mind about giving up or thinking it wasn’t worth it or maybe I should go do something else.

So before you get your company logo, before you go get investors, before you start doing any of those things… Just ask yourself the question, “would you be willing to struggle and fight to the same adversity? Do you believe in it that much?”

And if your answer is yes I do, then move forward and move forward yesterday and move forward really really really fast and if you have any hesitation about it and you think that maybe this isn’t right, listen to that and don’t do it.

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