My Shady Life as an Underage Drinker
Nick Tucker

I’m with Jennifer Snow on this one. Why do you feel that drinking is the “normal adult thing to do”? I didn’t start drinking until I was 21 and I can honestly say I didn’t feel more or less of an adult for doing so. Consuming ethanol is physically tough on your system and stunts serious brain development up until the age of approximately 30–31 when your neurons complete myelination. Coming from a full-time drinker, trust me when I say you’re not missing anything if you don’t drink until you’re 21 and I would limit it even then. If you feel like you can’t stop, then you’re addicted and if it causes you to feel differently or worse by not having it, you might have a serious alcohol problem, which is a medical condition. Seek medical attention, not social appraisal.

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