Instagram announces new feature after 5-year wait

Instagram was founded in 2010, and it has been exploding in popularity ever since. It has more than 500 million users who are taking countless pictures every day. Taking Instagram pictures with an iPhone became so popular that people who considered themselves proficient at it have started calling themselves “iPhone photographers.” Some of these people have even quit their jobs to become iPhone photographers.

Fast-forward to 2016, when the application announces Instagram Live, a feature that allows users to record a video and have it disappear from their feed after 24 hours, much like Snapchat.

After so many updates with this cutting-edge app, there was still one feature missing after 5 whole years: Zoom. Yes, that is correct, the application that bolsters the most visual experience of any of the top applications has never had a zoom feature for users.

That is not to say that zoom was never possible when using Instagram. Actually, you could if you changed your iPhone settings to allow zoom and then proceeded to do a quick triple tap on the screen. The required athleticism was a burden to most. But now users do not have to do this!

This will create a resurgence of interest in the application, and encourage even more adventurous and creative photography for the Instagram community. Brands may also feel the pressure to create more exciting and unique content now that user’s photography can be that much more versatile.

As a fellow Instagram user, I am not online excited to use this new feature, but

I am also excited to see what new creativity this feature sparks in Instagram’s users.

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