Facebook’s salary decision sets a dangerous precedent

Image: Hiroshi Watanabe/DigitalVision/Getty Images

It would be easy to think the Left was losing. We’re not.

Since the surprise victory of Donald Trump, a great wave of soul-searching has engulfed the tech industry about what role it played in both his rise and the deepening divides in American society.

There is Facebook’s famous “red vs. blue” feeds that serve up an endless diet of agitprop and fake news; there are Twitter’s infamous legions of trollbots; and of course, there are the hackers, Wikileaks and revelations of state sponsorship.

Virginia and North Carolina have changed, and they’re a sign of the political realignment to come

The next step for SaaS platform product teams

The prevailing wisdom at the time of…

I wish I’d tried this.

Blair Reeves

Product at Salesforce. Holder of strong opinions. I mostly write on my blog, BlairReeves.me, but occasionally post here too.

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