Relax! There Is No Magic Social Media Growth Hack
Brittany Hoffman

Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is soooo true and couldn’t be more timely! Your writing is so clear and concise but chocked full of so many little gems! I agree 1000% with what you are saying here, I just want to emphasize two things!

1) This absolutely does NOT renege practices of posting regularly with a regular number of posts (merely “obsessing” as if this is the core issue!) I just know that posting regularly has been a great growth “hack” for me, if only to keep me committed to working on my page! Posting good content “regularly” (within reason! Lol) is essential! BUT there are all too many times I find myself feeling like I “need” to post, but knowing that I don’t really have the content that I want! Looking at it even! Starting to post it! And deciding, “bro, you got in this game to deliver the absolute best! Is this it?” And scrapping it! Quality > Quantity, every time!

Quality > Your mom ;)

2) and this in many ways goes with number 1) what makes Content “quality” is an almost intangible, inaccessible layer often referred to as the “magic layer” of ideas and value floating just above the work table. This elusive, often bipolar fuzziness that seeks to call on something from within! From our deepest pattern recognition — the subconscious! Common tools for accessing it are at best rudimentary and at worst, a sledgehammer in a canary surgery! Meditation, health/wellness, travel, and the occasional trip to a used books store are the only true “growth hacks” that I’ve found. (And spending time off wisely! Time with my family and friends!) But maybe there are more unifying principles that help to illuminate and materialize more of the “magic layer.” I reckon I’m always looking for inspiration! And I’m no “positive vibes only” mascot, but I understand the value of being optimistic and hopeful! The value of addressing my anxiety when it’s causing a problem! The value of addressing people who I need to apologize to or forgive! And there’s more, motivation! Curiosity! Community! Support! Strategy! And tactics! But they aren’t remotely as clear cut or defined as “follow these 7 steps and get $1m off YouTube” and other articles want us to believe! And I think that’s the heart of your post! These things are very ambiguous! How you interpret or make use of them through analogy, metaphor, and application is how they become powerful! The majority of the “heavy lifting” still lies on the shoulders of the individual… the hack is: there is no “hack”

Would love a part two where you discuss more about what it takes to make quality content, in the most general sense!

❤️ Thanks again for your amazing work! You keep me inspired!


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