Crackas tried to kill me.

Them crackas tried to kill me but i saw it comin

2 trucks behind the whip so I started runnin

Grabbed my glock busted a right off market

Told my lady duck ya head you ain’t dyin tonight

Told her if i see em I’m busssin till it empty

Hammer in my hand adrenaline on 10 but my mind clear

Ready to shoot at anything that looks like them

You can take my life or send me to prison, but if my lady alright I’ll sleep good at night

Thankfully i lost them when I busted that right

Racist white boys didn’t know West Oakland at night

If I didn’t have that glizzzy I mighta lost my life

You see it’s real in the streeets of Oakland

If OPD don’t get you Zimmerman or John Lee Cowell comin

That’s why I stay strapped wit that all black glizzy, shit got me feelin like Panther

Pigs get behind me I’m Finna go out like Canan in power

12 ain’t ever gonna Catch me slippin

And if they do I’m takin a few of them with me

They say Blake, why do you stay strapped…

I laugh and I say. It’s for nights like that….

the next day shit was on my mind

23 on the night stand and my head feel like I’m 21

Drowsy like I drank a whole bottle of nyquill

I’m clutchin even when ordering my frapacino from Tierra mia

Lookin at everybody who white with a close eye

Post traumatic stress I ain’t tryna be another Black Death

Grab a bottle of Hennessy and party the next night

I forgot about it all for a few months until I was at the stoplight

I see a lifted truck and it looks just like the one that was behind me

It wasn’t the truck but panic mesmerized me

24 hours pass by and I’m finally back to even

Unhealed trauma stays creepin until you heal it