Invisible vigils

You see, after a Black person is murdered

There’s a vigil


Hennessy Bottles



And sometimes a cross

For a month or so these vigils remind us that a life was taken.

Yet suddenly these vigils disappear into the wind like a kite on a windy day.

People no longer stop and look — if they ever did.

They just walk bye with their earphones on waiting to get to their next destination.

Invisible vigils.

Now i don’t claim to know where every life was taken but I can’t help but notice the invisible vigils on my block.

Where a Black man was killed by a hit and run.

Where another Black man was gunned down.

Where a Black man was burned to death by arson.

While there’s no vigils honoring their life — I still imagine these spots with an abundance of flowers — candles — and heem.

Yet it’s not the case.

There’s trash on the ground.

Cranes in the sky getting ready to build the next apartment high rise.

Invisible vigils.

We can’t forget them.