Protest white supremacy, not donald trump

Many people have taken to the streets to protest donald trump. While donald trump is a racist, sexist, homophobic and transphobic bigot — our anger should not be directed at him. Rather, we should re-direct our anger towards the system of white supremacy that birthed him.

We cannot fall into the white liberal reformist trap that acts as if donald trump is the sole problem. I expect liberals to think like this, because if they didn’t, it would mean they would have to acknowledge their role in creating and reinforcing white supremacy. You cannot expect a politic that benefits from oppression to condemn itself.

In addition, I have noticed many liberals and so called progressives call for donald trump’s impeachment. People who are organizing to “impeach trump” are simply reinforcing white supremacy. Trump would be replaced with another racist and homophobe: Mike Pence. You cannot expect the system that birthed trump to change the conditions of white supremacy through an impeachment.

Let’s be clear: oppression existed long before trump, and he is simply the child of the anti-Black system that created him. The only way that you can stop trump is if you stop white supremacy.

As Revolutionaries, we organize against systems, not individuals. If organizing is focused solely on donald trump rather than the system of white supremacy, it then creates the condition for another trump. Revolutionaries organize to abolish all systems of oppressions. Revolutionaries do not organize to replace one killer for another.

At a time in which right-wing white nationalism (facism) is spreading globally, we cannot afford to fall into liberal reformist traps. We must reject liberalism, as liberalism breeds the conditions for fascism.

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