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It’s been a year and three months since I’ve published anything here on Medium. I just scrolled through my posts from 2018 and 2019. How priorities and perspectives can shift, huh? What a wild ride the last year or so has been.

I see that more than 1,600 of you follow me now. That’s pretty cool, but it also sort of sucks because I know I’m not going to please all of you with each new piece I write — I’m about as far from niche as it gets. I write about a lot of different stuff. Some of you might like my science writing, which is what I call my “professional” writing, because I’ve been a career science writer in other venues for about 12 years. Some of you might like my anecdotes or my philosophy-oriented stuff, which might suggest you’re as much of a curious wanderer as I am. And for those of you who’ve followed me because you like some of the fiction I’ve posted here — thank you, I am humbled (having someone tell you they like the shit you just made up is somehow more gratifying than having someone tell you your facts are eloquently presented, at least for me.) …

An ambitious 31-year-old father’s fight to rise above mediocrity

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My son and I

Very few men do well across the board. Some acquire wealth at the expense of love. Some acquire love at the expense of ambitions. Some earn the respect of others while privately hating themselves. Some find contentment only to fade from the annals of history in short order after their lives are over. Most are mediocre.

The list of things the man who wants to be a great man must do well is long. The more things a man tries to do well, the harder he must work, and if he works too hard on any one thing, he risks not working hard enough on other things. …

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Joel Karlsson was rich and very sad. He sat alone in his office suite, sifting through the reasons he should not call his ex-wife. The first four digits of the last number for Cynthia he’d known to be working shone on his phone. They taunted him a while before he locked the screen and turned to look out the bay window at the city.

He could see the harsh lines of monolithic buildings jutting above the geometric clutter of the cityscape below and the subtler, softer line of the horizon in the distance. …


Blake Gossard, ELS, MWC

Science Writer, Realtor, Economics and Finance Enthusiast, Father

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