Medium Response #6 — Filtering
COMS490 Sp16

Filter THIS!

It’s interesting because filtering allows us to focus on and be geared towards things that are important to us in our lives. If I was previously viewing shoes and designer hand bags on another website, then it will magically pop up on a variety of my other social media sites, telling me to check this out and look at this. It is nice because it feels that my computer and social media sites are geared towards me and are personalized, but it is also very scary. It is weird to know that I am tagged and that there are tabs on what I am doing and what I am looking at. The idea that I do not have any actual privacy can be alarming.

When understanding how this type of filtering affects social movement, it is also a weird concept as to what will make it into someone’s newsfeed and in their life. When looking at Ferguson, it first only appeared in the surrounding areas that were affected. It took a good chunk of time for the idea to actually trend and then appear on people newsfeed regardless if they followed or search related issues. Twitter I feel has been stronger about this issue and being able to get out information in a faster time, regardless of previous filter history.

It makes me think about the idea that anyone can start a trending topic with the right platform and following. These social media platforms have allowed us to express and share how we are feeling with the world and the current issues that are surrounding us. Social media holds a huge power over our generation and how we receive information. It can also warp and make us lazy to the issues that we face. Are we actually understanding the full issue or just the ideas that we are being fed.

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