We need to get rid of E-Learning

There is no such thing as e-learning. There is just Learning.

Like a protractor or a pen, the purpose of technology is not to teach anything, it’s to enable, enhance or transform the act of learning. This is why I believe schools should do away with e-learning coordinators.

Tasking a school leader to introduce educational technology for teachers to use is backwards. We should be implementing better teaching that uses technology when appropriate.

Many schools still build an “E-Learning Plan” to describe and implement the technology that schools hope will help and improve teaching.

Rather, we need to ask ourselves what purpose an e-learning plan serves?

Why do we want ICT in the curriculum? This question helps us understand where ICT should sit in a school's pedagogical approach. Typically schools want to encourage things like critical thinking, global perspectives, etc. ICT skills should sit alongside these other goals and techniques for educating students. Curriculum should be developed and reviewed by your school's curriculum committee. Technology should be woven into the entire processes.

While experts to facilitate technical goals and ambitions is essential (technicians), it’s important that the teaching and learning practice is driving the choice of technology.

This ICT team (or person) should work directly with the PD coordinator to assist / provide technology PD where teachers are needing it. This PD should be driven from the school and teacher’s own developmental goals.

Let's also start to treat ICT like the rest of the tools we use in schools. Let's give teachers the responsibility of deciding how technology fits into their vision.

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