I’m Just Over It

While sitting down with my man Zach, discussing our minimalism/essentialism journeys, I summed up my thoughts by saying, “I’m just over it”.

I’m over having things around the house that serve absolutely no purpose. Furthermore, I’m over spending money on new things for the house that serve no purpose.

I’m over having a polo in every freaking color. Furthermore, I’m over having the little polo man on the front attempt to define who I am. I’ve yet to receive a royalty check for being a walking advertisement.

I’m over the excess. I’m over feeling like I need to be in every group and on every committee. I’m over STUFF.

What I am NOT over is getting better every single day, and helping those around me do the same. What I am NOT over is achieving everything I have my heart and mind set on. What I am NOT over is being the best husband and father I can possibly be.

What are you over? What are you not over? What is worth your time and effort?

If you’re over it as well and want to play a game — join me!


Stay Classy.

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Originally published at blakebabcock.com.

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