How many of you know these Skype’s slash commands?

This popular application started life as a simple way for daily PC users to chat with their friends through text and voice chat. But underneath that user-friendly veneer, Skype has a few power moves ready and waiting for users who know about them.

We’re talking about slash moments commands of Skype. If you don’t know what those are, slash commands start with a “/” and tell a program to carry out a particular action. Longtime chat users will identify slash commands from the days of internet Relay Chat, or IRC, one of the previous ways to do live text chat online- and still immensely used among technophiles. Meanwhile, if you’re a Skype user and find any technical mess such as Skype Not Working or some technical error then contacts professionals.

Managing IRC clients typically needs the use of text commands preceded by a slash such as /AWAY or /JOIN. Many latest apps and services still use slash commands such as the well-liked workplace messaging apps Hipchat and Slack.

While text commands may seem silly in the day of visual interfaces, they are often more efficient to use than point-and-click commands. And in the case of Skype, they unveil concealed functionality you won’t get from the regular menu.

Here are a few key commands to liven up your Skype life. You can type these commands into any chat and the other side will not see them.

If you need to see how many devices you are accessed into on Skype type /showplaces and press Enter. Skype will display you a list of devices where Skype is running under your account. If you wish to log out of all Skype clients expect the one you’re recently using type /remote logout. Note if you’re using Skype for the Web, then these commands won’t work.

Want to do the addition of your mom to chat with your brother? As long as you know Skype username of your mom- i.e. not her original name- use/add [Skype Name]. Skype will be a group text conversation with mom and her children. If everyone wants to begin a conversation through voice or video type /golive and the call will begin- this aspect doesn’t work with one-on-one conversations.

Now let’s say you’re in a group chat and someone else is getting tough to take, you can bow out by jotting down /leave. You could also dump your family members from the chat by typing/kick [Skype Name]/

Those are some of the key slash commands in Skype. For a complete list, you need to check out help pages of Skype or just type/help into any chat for in-app assistance. For more Skype Support you can get in touch with professionals as well. Once again let us remind you if you’re a Skype user and face any technical issue like Skype Webcam Not Working or mic not working, then feel free to contact professionals.