Logitech Harmony Support added by Google Home

If you love smart home devices and want to make your life easier, then Google Home Setup and Logitech Harmony will not be new thing for you. Many companies are announcing newly found compatibility with Google Home smart hub including August Home smart locks, Logitech Harmony line and light bulbs from TP-link and LIFX. The announcements are coming as the outcome of the company working to reinforce its smart home presence in the stir of the big impulsions by Amazon and Apple.

If you look at the Google Home official page, then it will show you a small but a key list of third party devices and platforms by players like Nest, Phillips, IFTTT, Honeywell, and Hue. It’s a diffident foundation, but then, the commercial availability of Home has been since November and until last month at Mobile World Congress. Google’s Assistant didn’t extend beyond Home and the Pixel with Wear and Android TV on the way.

Since then a bit indiscriminate announcements have been coming, like Neato’s news a week or so back that its robot vacuum will be compatible with the smart home assistant. Google’s got a way to go in terms of catching up with Alexa and Home kit, but the announcements today mark a key impulsion toward the next tier of connected home devices, building the ecosystem of devices that also serve as the foundation for smart hub functionality. The full list of compatible devices includes the following or you can also take Google Home Support:

· TP-Link

· Logitech Harmony

· August

· Vivint

· First Alert

· Rachio


· Wink

· Best Buy Insignia

· Electrolux Frigidaire

· Geeni

· Anova

For august, the addition of Home makes the locks of company compatible with the big three following Apple and Amazon. Though the case use is pretty modest to start, just allowing the users to check the status of locks. The company adds in a press release that it is also working with the Google team to develop a safe and secure way to allow unlocking with the help of Google assistant. For more information, you can take Google Home Help.

With Logitech harmony compatibility, Assistant can be used to turn on the speakers, turn on a connected TV and go to the favorite channel. The TP link integration lets users turn on specific devices connected through the company’s plugs, while LIFX bulbs can be turned on and off, dimmed and have their colors changed through the app. Logitech says that starting today, you can start Actions on google Home with any Harmony hub based product and a Google Home by simply saying OK Google, ask Harmony to turn on my TV. For example, you can turn on your Tv to your favorite channel, set the lights or control up to 270000 other devices supported by Logitech Harmony platform. Here are some of the ways by which you can switch your TV experience by using Logitech Harmony and the Google Assistant.

Logitech shares some examples of how Google Home and Harmony will work together. You just need to say, OK Google, ask Harmony and followed by the command:

· “…turn on Hulu or HBO GO.” — Popular apps installed on your Roku player can be launched with your voice

· “…turn on ESPN, ABC News or the Discovery Channel.” — Any of your favorite channels set up in a Harmony account can be triggered using your voice

· “…turn on my ‘Good Morning’ activity.” — When you set up an activity such as “Good Morning” in your Harmony account, you can set Philips Hue lights to warm colors, turn on a Nest thermostat and play music from your compatible living room speakers, all by using your voice

· “…turn up the volume.” — Using your voice, you can turn up or down volume and specify a value between one to 20

· “…skip forward or skip back.” — Google Assistant and Logitech Harmony allow you to skip forward or skip back on your content.

· For more information, you can take Google Home Com Support.

Consumers are the big winners by having Harmony compatible with both Google Home and Amazon Echo. Before, if you were a Harmony owner, but preferred Google Assistant, you were out of luck. If you own both Google Home and Harmony Hub, you can set this up immediately. While it is very easy to do, but Logitech has passed some instructions that you need to follow and you can know them from Google Home Guide.