For one, it’s rather easy to point out the hyperbole in your post, since you seem to be using that…
Chaz Wang

First and foremost, you Internet superhero-types are starting to confuse me. THAT MAN (who called himself dumb, btw) has access to the Internet; he also has a mouse and a keyboard (probably). What makes you think that he needs YOUR assistance regarding a comment that I made to HIM? Just cuz the comment was posted doesn’t mean that it was posted so that YOU could comment on it. Let people speak for themselves.

Also, he’s obviously white. Not a negative, just an observation based on his comment style. If he felt a way about it, I’m pretty sure he would have notified you to let me know how both of you felt about my comment to him.

Secondly, YES. When you hire a white woman to play the role of an Asian cyborg, which incidentally contains another Asian woman’s brain on the inside, THAT’S WHITEWASHING. When you decide that you’re going to take a super-popular anime that has been enjoyed across the world, make a movie (loosely) based on it, then make all the people white, while using the same name, in an effort to trick the original (wildly supportive) fan base, most of which is probably ASIAN, IS WHITEWASHING.

Again, I’m assuming that you’re only arguing this point because you’re not truly interested in the topic. So, what is the purpose of your argument? Why would you spend this much time discussing something that obviously doesn’t concern you? Can you not see the issue, or do you wish to not see it? Do you think that there is some magical logic contained in your argument that will convince ME to pretend like I can’t see the issue, too?

What’s up, bro?

And yes, I use a lot of parenthesis. I type like I talk.

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