You can’t win a title with Thad Young, Jrue Holiday, and Evan Turner (who is worthless unless he…
Frank Cobbina

I agree with Holiday/Turner/Thad comment. They are all good players, but they’re not necessarily cornerstone players. They’re more like stop-gap players: guys who can keep you in a competitive mode while you angle to get the player(s) you REALLY want.

Can’t quite agree with Lakers stuff tho. As a Knicks fan, I WISH we had as much young talent as the Lakers do. People don’t “like” DeAngelo Russell, but he’s pretty good, and he plays a position that doesn’t necessarily require the skills that it once did (Tony Parker changed the game; PG’s don’t really need defense, range, or elite passing ability, as long as somebody else on the team DOES). He’ll be fine. Randle is a tweener, but he’s young, and between the two of them, Tariq Black, Ingram, Jordan Clarkson, AND a pick, the Lakers have a lot of maneuverability, asset-wise. And, as usual, SOME SUPERSTAR (looking at you, Russ) WILL ALWAYS BE WILLING TO BE A MILLIONAIRE IN LA. ALWAYS.

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