When you are comparing great athletes you are always going to weigh different things.
Charles Tyler

I hear what you’re saying.

What I’m saying is, as time goes on, the perception always changes.

Winning creates positive perception, regardless of player movement or dynamics.

For instance, look at LeBron’s career. He was vilified in 2011, and now he is being treated as sanctified in 2017. Winning changed everything for him.

He’s about to lose his 4th Finals series (by, most likely, being swept), and people are wondering if he’s the best player of ALL TIME. Winning changed everything for him.

Secondly, while I personally disagree with judging one champion based on others, if you really feel like these measurements should be applied, than you should at least be willing to admit that these measurements can only properly applied by other champions. If MJ came out and said the KD move is weak, that’s one thing; Chris Webber saying it is a whole other matter lol. Too many times, it’s the losers that complain about how the winners win.

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