Nope, CBA killed that noise by rewarding players who re-sign with their respective teams.
Frank Cobbina

I understand what you’re saying, but I think you may be overlooking certain points.

  1. Trying to predict what an athlete is gonna do career-wise, based on money, isn’t always the smartest ways to go about it. The new CBA is gonna incentivize guys staying at home, but WINNING is gonna incentivize players to leave. No amount of maney in the world replaces ringzzzzz.
  2. Free agency will always be an acceptable alternative to drafting, for teams that have always been able to garner the attention of QUALITY FREE AGENTS. The new CBA was created to help smaller-market teams like Dallas and OKC keep their best players. But, someone will ALWAYS take a million dollar check to play in LA/NY/Miami. These are the BEST locations to be famous in America. It NEVER FAILS. Tbh, that’s the Knicks problem; their ability to net free agent (mostly washed) stars always overpowers the logic necessary to manage a re-build consistently.
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