Easy there.
Chaz Wang


First, he didn’t tell ME he was/wasn’t white; I guess he must have told you. Because you two are so close.

Secondly, yes. I saw the original Ghost In A Shell in the late 90’s. Unless you are going to explain to me that the original Ghost In A Shell does NOT contain Asian people, with Asian names, entirely based in a Hong Kong-like area, I really don’t know why you’re trying infer. SN: is there an exorbitant amount of 90’s anime, based on earlier manga publications, that featured white people? I cannot, for the life of me, see why the issue is ME CALLING OUT THE WHITE-WASHING, and not HOLLYWOOD DOING IT.

Thirdly, this is the conversation that we needed to have, all along.

The movie is irrelevant to me, personally. I am not “outraged”. I just find it interesting to watch people dispute obvious shit. As an African American male, of a certain age, in this country, I’ve seen all the white-washing I will ever need to see (for instance, Gods of Egypt, full of white, British Egyptians. Also, rap music, jazz music, rock & roll music, fashion, gentrification, colonialism, etc). No amount of discussion will ever make me feel like I should pretend that this issue, and issues like these, most which involve race, gender, religion, and sexuality, and the way that they are viewed in this country, don’t exist.

By explaining that you feel this issue does not “advance the Asian-American interests” you’ve lead me to believe that you know exactly what this issue actually is. You’ve just determined that it doesn’t rate on whatever scale it is that you utilize to determine the worth of issues concerning the Asian-American community.

But, you do understand, by avoiding opportunities to address this issue, and being confrontational with people who are simply trying to bring these issues to the public forefront, you are actually SUPPORTING THE VERY SYSTEM THAT HAS CREATED, AND CONTINUALLY PROFITS, FROM THESE ISSUES. This system is based on turning you into a comfortable (or, in my case, dangerously aggressive) stereotype, or writing you out of stories, whichever can make the majority feel more comfortable about not having to see you. If you don’t feel it’s relevant, that’s fine. But you shouldn’t make a habit of diminishing the attempts of others to identify and deal with issues that you can’t seem to find the interest to.

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