“And then there were the arrows fired directly at Trump and his minions’ black hearts.”
Matt Paulding

Real quick, Matt:

I’m not writing this comment to harass or harangue you. I’m sure you get enough of that type of attention on your own, judging by your last comment. You don’t seem to have any problem allowing your thoughts to be known, and I’m sure that causes many to try to get under your skin, so to speak.

I’m not a Liberal; I’m not a Conservative. I’m a 10 year Marine Corps veteran, having served 3 combat tours, 2 in Iraq and 1 in Afghanistan. I’ve fought alongside black and white, male and female, gay and straight, and every type of Southerner, Midwesterner, surfer, and city boy you could imagine. I have my own moral compass, but I tend to be honest about my leanings, politically and socially, and am always more than willing to converse with anyone equally willing to engage in an honest exchange of ideas.

I’m not trying to judge you, and I’m not trying to change your position, per se.

I do want you to understand, tho: the “black heart” that people are referring to isn’t an indictment YOUR HEART; it’s an indictment of the heart of the candidate that you so vehemently support. He’s a complete piece of shit, and you have to know that, whether you believe in him or not. He’s not a good, moral person, and doesn’t have your best interests at heart. 8 years ago, you wouldn’t have let this guy pump your gas, let alone run your country.

He didn’t win because people like you, who voted for him, are stupid. He won because Hilary practiced far too much patience, and refused to speak to large segments of the country, while Trump ONLY spoke to one particular segment of society. Trump won because people like you were so MAD that you were willing to give your allegiance to something that couldn’t possibly be in your best interest.

Now, I have all types of personal ideas as to why you guys were so MAD (racism sits at the top of that particular list), but that doesn’t really matter. I have no honest way of knowing where/what a Trump voter’s anger stems from, and apparently, Trump voters have no requirement to be honest with me, or even themselves, about what angers them so. What really, truly matter is this: we ALL, as Americans, have to live with the consequences of the decision that was made to give the least-qualified human being in the HISTORY OF POLITICS access to nuclear weapons. We ALL, as Americans, have to live with the consequences of having a man who embodies every image of gracelessness, classlessness, and cluelessness imaginable as the representative of ALL the citizens of this country.

I read you comment several times. I think you’re very intelligent. I want to believe that you have family, friends, maybe even an entire community, that you care about, deeply. I have to believe that, deep inside you where no one can see, you know that this isn’t right. You have to know that this guy can’t fix your problems, cuz he’s never had your problems, and has become rich feeding off of your problems. We can argue, and you can curse me out, blame the media, recite made-up fox news facts, blame Hillary, blame immigrants, blame Obama, or anything else you want to do; it honestly makes no difference to me.

I have to believe, as a citizen of this country, you feel just as uncomfortable with this all of this shit as I do.

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