Well as to hip hop being more universally acclaimed, that’s obviously true, but I’m not personally…
Thanksgiving McDaniels

This is an interesting view.

I never really thought about it before. But, when you say “‘Anyone can do it’ was the heart of it, even though there were definitely people in it that could legit play. But those people were directly inspired by people who couldn’t at all” as a reference point for the advancement of punk, and you look at the eventual demise of punk as an important form of music, instrumentally or politically, wouldn’t you agree that when artists became inspired by non-artists, the quality of the art is diminished?

I say this because that’s what Lil Yachty represents to m: someone with no actual talent, who causes other non-talented people to feel confident enough to produce “music”, and also causes talented people to pretend to be less talented in order to be relevant.