Since there is not much investigative journalism on Seth Rich, I am going to lay out all of the evidence right here, because this story should be at the TOP of every newscast. I am putting all of the interconnected pieces between the DNC, the DC police, the CIA, and the media below. Connecting the dots is really important as mainstream media pundits are trying to discredit this important story.

Meet Seth Rich, he is the “Russian Hacker” or the person that leaked the DNC e-mails to Wikileaks. Hence, the leaker is not Russia, as the media promotes, but an American with a conscience, who worked within the DNC. Seth was computer savvy, and had access to all of the emails that showed the inner workings of DNC corruption. Here is a timeline of evidence:

  1. Feb 22, 2015 — HRC Campaign chairman John Podesta learns of DNC information leaks and said in an e-mail: “I’m definitely for making an example of a suspected leaker whether or not we have any real basis for it.”
  2. Seth Rich was shot in the back twice on July 10,2016 in a low crime popular neighborhood in Washington DC. He had a wallet of money, a phone, and a $1000 watch, nothing was taken.
  3. Shawn Lucas, an activist who served the DNC with a fraud case, was also found dead one month later in August. Lucas was found unconscious in his bathroom by his girlfriend, on August 2 and authorities have refused to say how he died. The lawsuit he was going to file alleges that Debbie Wasserman Schultz “rigged the primary for Hillary Clinton” against Bernie Sanders.
  4. Though Julian Assange cannot reveal his sources to protect their safety, in August 2016 he offered $20,000 for anyone who knew of Seth Rich’s killers, and implied Seth was the DNC leaker in an interview:
  5. DC police Cathy Lanier resigned one month after Seth Rich murder saying the “DC police broken beyond repair.”
  6. Tony Podesta’s wife, Heather Podesta, also John Podesta’s sister-in-law, is on the board of DC police, who obviously refused to investigate the Rich case because it would implicate John Podesta and the DNC. This is a conflict of interest:
  7. Peter Newsham replaced Lanier as chief of Washington Police. Previously, Newsham actively took part in the cover up of the rape on an 11 year old girl. He also was implicated in beating his wife, and was found drunk and passed out on a sidewalk with his police revolver on him. He has publicly supported James Alefantis, another DNC operative implicated in the DC pedophilia ring. The Alefantis case was also left alone by Newsham and called “conspiracy” by the colluding media without any investigation.
  8. The Rich family has been pleading to the public for help for a almost a year, then finally hired private investigator Rod Wheeler. When Wheeler went to DC police, an officer told him “We were told to back down on the Rich case” The investigator said this is unprecedented in such a high profile murder case.
  9. May 2017-the Rich family is basically put on gag order, and stopped speaking to the media without DNC filter Brad Bauman. Bauman specializes in media relations for the DNC, and abruptly said that Rich being a Wikileaks source is “conspiracy.” Not only that, Bauman said even if there is e-mail evidence tomorrow, this would not affect the Seth Rich case. So Bauman is effectively throwing any potential evidence away
  10. Former DNC chairwoman Donna Brazile called police and the Rich family and demanded to know why a private investigator was “snooping” into Rich’s death. (Remember Brazile was fired for feeding HRC debate questions in advance for CNN)…/bombshell-donna-brazile-probing-seth-…/
  11. Now the latest, Kim Dotcom, an internationally known entrepreneur and founder of cloud storage “Mega” is now claiming he knows Seth is the Wikileaks source, and had contact with him before his death. Seth called himself the code name “Panda” (you will see Seth’s parents clutching a stuffed Panda during interviews, his favorite animal) Kim Dotcom is willing to disclose the information so long as the authorities can guarantee his safety whether he travels to the US or not. Here is an interview with him in 2015, where he knew in advance Wikileaks would be HRC’s “worst nightmare” back in 2015 (because he was already interacting with Rich at this point)…/kim-dotcom-assange-will-be-hill…
  12. In the middle of all this, John Podesta was hired to write for the Washington Post, and he has been trying to pin the blame on Russia this whole time in the compromised periodical. Jeff Bezos who now owns the Washington Post has a $600 million contract with the CIA, which is working in tandem with the DNC and mainstream media to push this Russian narrative.

When all of these pieces fall together, they show a massive cover-up of Seth Rich’s death, and a DNC that is so corrupt they are willing to kill to hide their crimes while blaming it all on Russia. The question is, will the American people believe this, or put aside their partisan beliefs to search for the truth.