HKADE Launch | HK

Introducing the Hong Kong Accredited Diamond Exchange — a new way to buy, sell and trade in diamonds as liquid assets online. The first P2P trading platform connects buyers and sellers around the world not only open up a world of opportunities and choices but also cut out unnecessary costs.

An integrated campaign with TVC, demo video, interviews, press release, social content, DM and search was launched by the end of 2016 in order to introduce this startup company to Hong Kong people. Vast amount of content marketing was implemented, no matter paid or non-paid, to create noise and discussions about having this new luxury good shopping model.

This project not only includes marketing solutions but also the entire design and build of the e-commerce platform.
P2P diamond trading platform
Social content


• Digital Marketing Strategy & Data Analysis
• Business Analysis
• UX/UI Design
• Concept, Creative Development & UX Design
• Art Direction & Photo shooting
• Production & Development