Ray: “ I hope the LCS is not satisfied at this level, I am one of the fans hoping and cheering for the LCS to reach a higher level.”

Sep 2 · 3 min read

Ray is a player who many LCS and LPL fans have come to adore. He helped both Cloud9 and EDward Gaming reach Worlds and most recently played during Season 9 of the LPL for EDG. He talked with me about his future and past, and how he wants NA to do well!

Ray when he was playing for Cloud9. Riot Games

Last time you played a match you qualified for playoffs but fell out instantly and lost 0–3 to SinoDragon (Now Dominus Esports). What do you think went wrong in the match?

Personally, I thought my performance was very good in the spring season. I was looking forward to playoffs. We didn’t click well in the match, and SinoDragon played well as a team. League of Legends is a team game, you have to win as a team. I think we should have played more as a team rather than as individuals.

As you have been playing in the LPL for a couple of seasons now, do you have a moment you enjoyed the most? And did you have any fun experiences in China?

There were many fun moments. The most memorable thing I remember was the 2018 Spring Season match vs Team WE. I played the game with the intention of destroying WE unconditionally (lol). In the Season 7 World Championship, I was a sub for Cloud9. When we lost to WE I really wanted to go out and win. I was happy to get revenge for C9, It’s the first time I felt my performance contributed to a victory, it was so memorable.

And sometimes I feel like I am an idol because thanks to the passionate Chinese fans I thought “when else can I have this experience in my life?” it was a very interesting memory for me.

What is your goal heading into the 2020 season?

Next year’s goal is to become a player who has grown more than this year. making new friends is always funny too.

NA has seen a lot of success recently, with Cloud9 making semifinals of Worlds and Team Liquid made the MSI final. Does this make you want to come back in the future to help?

Even if I don’t watch other regions games I have always watched the LCS teams play because LCS is the region that made my presence known to the world. I still remember the good people, who I will never forget. Except when they played against us, I have always cheered for LCS teams. I hope the LCS is not satisfied at this level, I am one of the fans hoping and cheering for the LCS to reach a higher level.

Your former fellow top laner Impact and Cloud9 are heading to Worlds. Do you have any words of encouragement for NA or C9/Impact?

They’re not mentioned here, but I want to also include Contractz, Jensen, Cain and Smoothie. They’re all wonderful people who helped me become a good player. Sometimes I think “what if I had done better when we played together,’’ I’ve had a lot of thoughts like this. I am always thankful to you and support you from afar. I cannot participate in the S9 World Championship so I am very sad but I want you guys to win a lot instead of me (lol).

C9 was the first team in semifinals from NA

TL was the second team in MSI finals from NA

Next successful team will be champion? haha.

I’m always a fan of LCS, I want to see the LCS grow.

I’m rooting for LCS!

Before you go, do you have any words for your fans around the world?

I cannot participate at Worlds this year but I want to see you all in next years World Championship. Fighting!


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