For Good Men To See Nothing
Ken Burnside

Hi Ken,

Strong article. The only thing I take issue with is this quote:

“Keep an eye out for smiling monsters. Once you learn to spot them, they’re easy to recognize. They don’t make eye contact with other men or figures of authority, until they’re confronted. They tend to have head gestures (nodding or shaking their head) that are completely opposite of what their words are saying. They’re not prepared for follow-up questions.”

While I agree that we need to be vigilant, your description of an “easily recognized” predator are similar to the behaviors of many Gentle Giants who are a part of our community. In particular, the head gestures are a potential tic of autism or other social anxieties.

I’m not sure what the right suggestion here is, but I certainly don’t want “Good Men” casting judgement on other “Good Men” who happen to have less articulate social skills.

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