Effortless efficacy
Suddenly in ecstasy
She sits down next to me
Thinking on what I grew to be
Malicious in perpetuity
Nothing seem new to me
Only patterns in retrospective
Can’t shake this perspective
Obsessed with the subjective
Cyclic thinking ineffective
Mainly introspective
Vainly selective
As if I was once told
Keep searching for a heart of gold

Unwillingly withholding
To warm souls the cold cling
Forever loathing
With desire to receive
The spire of my thought
Tapers in an elegant weave
Conceive life with flavor
Or fall from favor
Believe in it or waver
Every moment savored
Then slips from grasp
To defy discouragement
Is a difficult task
To make light of it all
Is all that I ask
Lament and repent
Until at last I laugh

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