Republican Party Meet’s The Sleeping Giant

Dear Mr. Republican

I thought I would share with you, a few notes on why you’re on the losing side of your new battle against immigration reform and the Latino movement in our country.

For the last decade or more, your political agenda has been perceived to be the party of hate and suppression of the Latino community in this country. A country which was founded by mostly immigrants from all parts of the world, including Europeans. Your intolerable view is recognized, not only by American’s here at home however, viewed this way by the world outside our borders as well. Why…? Because of your continual support in favor of harsh laws geared toward stomping out our Latino dreams and our pursuit of happiness and equality.

Since the unleashing of your evil crusade, Latinos have continued to extend their presents in large numbers, in all major metropolitan areas and cities. Areas that are considered high density populations zones. Now, their numbers have also started too grow in many areas which you consider safe Republican “Red States”. Your red states, that are full of glorified racial ideas connected to the belief of supremacy of one race over another. To be honest with you, states like Arizona and California nearly 5 to 10 years ago actually helped the Latino immigration movement in more ways than you might care to understand. Harsh law’s like SB1070 and 187 forced the Latino community to migrate towards these same “safe” red states based on current data in 2015. Believe it or not, these red states were mostly regarded by Latino’s as unsafe and unwelcoming to people like them. Most would have never considered moving there before SB1070 and 187 came around. Because of these laws, our Latino communities started to believe that taking the risk of relocating and uprooting our families, outweighed the risk of being deported and separated like a litter of kittens being sold or given away at a local Walmart. They realized very quickly that these states where unprepared for their migration, since these same states never felt the need to implement harsh laws to deal with people like them. Harsh laws towards housing, schooling, working, diving license, etc.… They called this idea/movement “Moving to states where we can fly under the radar”. Once they settle in with employers who benefited from their low cost labor, most of them felt the responsibility to reach out to their friends and family members, suggesting they join them in their new communities. The early Latino migrants presumed their lives were now better off, than dealing with hateful government officials like Pete Wilson and most recently Joe Arpaio.

You see, Mr. Republican… What you failed to understand and will soon learn as your battle rages on, is the following reality… Nothing that your unfair and harsh laws in states like Arizona, California or any other red state for that matter, can harm our people or be worst then what their own government makes them go through back in their home countries. Just like how the Europeans must have felt when they fled the old world and well documented famine and royal monarchy style persecution.

Here is why you are now put into a hard dilemma as you plot your vile steps and move forward …

So now that these hard working Latino’s are settled in their newly found communities, their young US born children become of age to vote at YOUR alarming rate of 50 thousand a month. This simple fact validates why the voting demographics are improving for your opposing party in these red states. Recognize, that these are children who have all grown up with the clear understanding that their parents have been living in the shadows and constantly being uprooted to avoid deportation from your harsh laws. This resentment will forever become embedded into their core values, as new young voters (50 thousand a month) for the rest of their lives. So now you are in a situation where you need to do something about containing this new voting segment form developing an unbreakable bond with the Democratic Party… What should you do about it, you may be asking yourself???

Option 1… Embrace immigration reform and allow them a path to legal status so they turn around and really vote you out of power for good?

Option 2… Or do you seek their forgiveness and move more towards the center in helping them reunite with their families? This idea of considering your good faith gesture as they vote in the future?

Either way, you have a new reality knocking loudly on your metal front door. We will call it “The Sleeping Giant”. Their civil rights movement has always been and will always be the “Law Of Numbers”…

From this day forward, these new young Latino voters, will be a new reality you need to account for. It’s very clear and common sense should tell us, whatever political party embraces them firmly without judgment and resentment, will always have a better chance at winning the battle for the White House for centuries to come. These facts will carry even more weight in the Senate and House of Representatives arenas.

Unless you are American Native Indian, you too were an immigrant at some point… Who are you to close the door once you got in? This is not only your country! It’s all of our country! We are just demanding what belongs to us as hard working humans! After all, Latino’s built 90% of it! Look around and see who works building the houses you sleep in, look around and see who grows your food, look around and see who cares for your children, look around and see who cleans your homes, look around and see who works the hardest… And lastly, look around and see all the newly educated professional Latino’s in all spectrums of our society… Prepare to lose this battle just as it was lost when our nation tried to keep the poor Irish, Italians, Jewish, Polish and many others out via the 1875 Page Act.