Actor Shawn Faqua Speaks On “Partners Living Together Before Marriage”…

Actor Shawn Faqua was a guest on HotTalkWithBlecyn on the 15th of June, and it was a fun chatty evening with the cute and talented actor as he didn’t hold back on his thought and opinions in respect to partners who co habit before they finally tie the knot. Candidly speaking, the actor made it clear that sex before marriage is not right and he went on to give more reasons why one’s happiness should not depend on another person. Find out out more as you read up the interview…

Brief Bio Data of Shawn Faqua: Shawn Faqua is a Nigerian who represents a distinctive cocktail of talent, professionalism, character and versatility. He is an exceptional artiste, who has repeatedly demonstrated remarkable skills in screen and stage acting, directing, modelling, choreography and singing. In 2012, he obtained a Certificate in Acting from the Nollywood Upgrade Training in affiliation with the Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University. Shawn also schooled at Relativity School, Los Angeles, attending the Relativity Education ‘Workshops’ where he trained as an actor (Certificate in Acting for Camera) in 2016.
He has featured in a number of films — ‘Ojukokoro’, ‘Lagos Cougars’, ‘A Few Good Men’, ‘Put a ring on it’, ‘Code of Silence’, ‘Render to Caeser’, ‘A New You’, ‘After the Proposal’ just to mention a few and also TV series — ‘Retreat’, ‘Oasis’, ‘Head over Heels’, amongst others.
His role in ‘Lagos Cougar’ earned him a couple of award nominations — — Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Young Actor, Nollywood Movie Award for Best Rising Star, Nigerian Entertainment Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Film, Golden Icons Academy Movie Award for Most Promising Actor all in 2014. He has recorded successes in modelling.

Welcoming my audience on the show: Hey guys, it is another beautiful Thursday and we are back to grinding on our topic of the week. Welcome on #HotTalkWithBlecyn Our topic today is centered around Relationship & the idea of moving in with a partner before marriage.

Blecyn George Monsi: Welcome on today's episode of Africa's No1 topical tweetchat #HotTalkWithBlecyn @shawnfaqua

what is your greatest turn off about people?

Shawn Faqua: Ignorance

Blecyn George Monsi: How would you identify a partner who is ready for a real relationship? Is there any standard?

Shawn Faqua: Someone who has ‘found’ themselves first; most people rush into a relationship for the flimsiest of reasons and then months/years later. when they have ‘found’ themselves in the course of their life’s journey they realise that the partner they are with is so ignorant about a lot of life’s mysteries, and both parties have very opposite priorities/purpose. Some even realise too late and they are already married to that person. This can breed a lot of strife.

BGM: Can you live with a woman who is neither your sister, nor girlfriend as a flatmate?

SF: (laughs)…see setup oh. Well, yes…I actually have done so in the past. Although one needs to have their mind in the right place to be able to co-habit successfully in such a situation. Discipline and self control on a different level.

BGM: If YES to the above, if you happen to fall in love, will you continue to live with her or you will move out?

SF: Mhmmm..well, I’ve never had to fall in love while in that situation before...but I presume that would be quite complicated. But I’d definitely keep my distance once feelings start getting in the way. Only God can rescue one in such a situation.

BGM: Some people believe living together before marriage is an ultimate test for couples. @shawnfaqua what do you think?

SF: Well, I don’t agree on daily co-habitation,but I do agree that it’s important that u visit the one you plan on spending your forever with. Spend ample time with them…you’d discover certain unpleasant traits/habits that may be offensive to you..and then you can decide if it’s something u can live with for the rest of your life OR NOT.

BGM: Would you say, couples who live together learn about each other & start to form an identity working as a team.

SF: Couples who live together will sure learn quite a lot about themselves,but it sure isn’t a guarantee that they’d end up together as a team. It’s also not a guarantee that they’d love each other more for Love, itself, is a choice not a feeling as far as marriage is concerned.

Status usually changes people, like when a lady morphs from wife to mother her body/needs/priorities change and then the learning continues. Thus it’s a learn as you go process. So no matter how long you live together prior to saying ‘I Do’…. you can NEVER learn all there is to know about your partner.

BGM: Is there any particular condition that will make you bend your rules on moving in with your partner or not?
SF: Let’s see…Well, even if they are physically-challenged I’d figure there’d be family members living with them instead. Don’t know of any other conditions that’ll make me bend my rules yet. It’s a Big NO-NO.

BGM: “Those who live together do not experience the best sex”, what’s your thought on this statement?

SF: Another setup! 1st of all y’all shouldn’t be having sex outside the confines of marriage in d first place, it’s usually wiser to abstain. First to avoid complications that may arise, also to avoid trust issues eventually in marriage. Abstinence is KEY!!!

BGM: “Those who live together before marriage have unhappier marriages”… how true is this statement?

SF: Very untrue. First of all, if your happiness is dependent on someone else, who is human, then sorry to say, that false happiness can lead to depression when it’s absent. A happy marriage is one that Only believe and trust in the Most High God can guarantee. ONLY the Spirit of God can empower a husband to love his wife completely& a wife to submit to her husband. Therein lies true happiness.

BGM: In your opinion, does living together before marriage contribute to violence in relationship?

SF: Well, it helped to shape my ideologies about life. I’d learnt to fend for myself from a tender age somewhat… but God has been the centre of my life and will forever be. I grew up really fast thus my mind works quite differently from those who are in my age group. Toughens you up in a strange way.

BGM: In your opinion, does living together before marriage contribute to violence in relationship?

SF: I don’t see how it does. Anyone who is violent will manifest it one way or another, whether they co-habit with another or not one just needs to see, recognize the signs and address it while it is yet day.

BGM: Back to you @shawnfaqua how did growing up effect or contribute to who you are today

SF: I’ve had to give up a much more lucrative engineering career. I’ve had to endure some of life’s heavy blows..curbing a lot of excesses, but in all of it I’m grateful to God Almighty and enjoying the process/journey. You must have amazing stories to fill up the book of greatness with.

BGM: Do you have any regrets so far in life and in your career?

SF: None at all. Every experience is vital in the grand scheme of things..u get to appreciate them more from the benefit of hindsight.

BGM: Are you currently in a relationship?

SF: Next

BGM: How do you manage to keep your private life off the social media and the internet as a whole?

SF: By understanding d power of media and using it to my advantage. Self control is vital. Emotional intelligence is key.

BGM: Will you ever bring your relationship on social media? Do you think there’s an advantage to that?

SF: I won’t say NEVER, but I’d say HIGHLY UNLIKELY..n if it happens there’d definitely be a motive behind it.

BGM: Kindly share with us your most challenging movie so far, your best movie & who you wish to act with.

SF: Most challenging movie so far would have to be #ESOHE, because I had to speak one of the hardest languages in the world by all standards, (laughs). Best movie so far would be #OJUKOKORO cos it’s Shawn Faqua like you’ve never seen him before. There’s quite a long list of amazing actors I’d loooovvvveee to work with, both in Nollywood, Hollywood and Bollywood.

BGM: Lets know that of nollywood?

SF: Ireti Doyle, Richard Mofe Damijo, Genevieve Nnaji, OC Ukeje, Nse Ikpe Etim, Michelle Dede, Ramsey Noah..somebody stop me because I can keep going…

BGM: Thank you so much for coming on #HotTalkWithBlecyn it has been nice having you on the show. Do have a beautiful night rest.

SF: Always a pleasure ma’am. Thanks for having me as well. Have a blissful night.