Johannes Tobi Wojuola: The Impact Of Media On The Fight Against Corruption

Lawyer, Dispute Resolution Specialist, and Member, President Muhammadu Buhari’s Media Team, Johannes Tobi Wojuola engages in an hour twitter interview on HotTalkWithBlecyn while addressing Impact Of Media On The Current Fight Against Corruption In Nigeria…

There is always a purpose for every topic discussed on HotTalkWithBlecyn, and in this engaging interview with Johannes Tobi Wojuola, we were able to understand some core values of the current administration as regards its fight against corrupt practices in Nigeria in respect to media impact. As at the time of drafting this a excerpt, I paused to ask myself ‘if at all the fight against corruption is still on going’ since it has been a while i heard uncovered loot found in either an abandoned building or an apartment.
This is usually a discourse between the audience on twitter, the guest and myself but I can only excerpt my questions and JTW’s responses but you can view the attached screenshots for some comments from the audience. This online tweetchat took place on the 4th of May, 2017 and ahead of this, I had no idea what an interesting fellow I had at the other end of cyberspace but hey, it was a fun interview.
Even while Nigerians think the presidency hasn’t been honest in some aspects of leadership, Johannes thinks the president is a brutally honest man. Continue below to read the full excerpt…

Blecyn George Monsi (Welcoming the audience): Good evening. Nigerians have been very concerned about corruption in the country. This is HotTalkWithBlecyn Tonight we’ll be talking about…THE IMPACT OF MEDIA ON THE FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION.

To actively discuss this topic, we’ll chat with Johannes Tobi Wojuola, who is member media team of President Mohammadu Buhari, aside this, he is a lawyer, trained dispute resolution specialist, a seasoned writer and some more…

Blecyn George Monsi: Welcome on #HotTalkWithBlecyn @Johannxs kindly share with us a phrase that has made a difference in your life.

Johannes Tobi Wojuola: “Give your word, keep it.” — honesty, truth and a good name mean a lot. More like my enchiridion.

BGM: When we say “Fight Against Corruption” in our topic what corrupt practices are we referring to exactly?

JTW: Everything that’s a moral aberrant. In today’s context, there’s more concentration on the public service and it’s purse…

So concisely this fight is more targeted at the embezzlement of public funds, bribery & all vestiges of malfeasance.

BGM: If the current fight against corruption must succeed, should journalists promote sectional interest?

JTW: No! Definitely not! They have an obligation towards society as a whole — not a section of it…

They have a moral duty under S.22 CFRN (Obligation of mass media), not to any sectional interest but to all Nigerians.

BGM: For media men to discharge their duties effectively in the fight against corruption, What should be upheld?

JTW: The ethics of media practice: professionalism, truth, an understanding of the exalted fundamental role played in society…

Independence too. And also, like this epigram puts it: Comments are free, but facts are sacred.

BGM: Indeed, the alleged bribery (brown envelope) is serious ethical issue of the media, How can that be eradicated?

JTW: It requires a re-dedication by practitioners to the values of true journalism. Commitment to professionalism, to truth.

BGM: Do you look out for negative or positive comments regarding the fight against corruption?

JTW: Both. One needs to know both sides of the coin.

BGM: Whispers are making rounds within the cyberspace, deriding the fight against corruption, what can you say about this?

JTW: Depends on who. But a responsible media sees the value in what the Buhari admin is doing in fight against corruption.

BGM: Owners of media houses, especially privately owned ones who interferes in corrupt act, Any legal action?

JTW: Yet a matter of values. Duty of press to society is largely a moral one. Legal action on a moral imperative? Not feasible.

BGM: Do you think Nigeria will ever win the war against corrupt politicians, with or without this administration?

JTW: We had better win it. Those who know the imperativeness of winning would dedicate themselves to it. It is in our interest…

…knowing what we have suffered from corruption, one knows better that the war MUST be won. There is no option.

BGM: Does media freedom improve the government effectiveness on the “Fight Against Corruption” or it destroys it?

JTW: Improves it. They identify truth+facts and lay it bare for scrutiny. They are society’s scanners & help transparency.

…Without transparency fight against corruption would be a tough war. Media freedom makes the job easier + more effective

BGM: As a member of the president’s media team, can you disclose to us how much loots have been discovered so far?

JTW: “ …whistle blower policy, has led to the recovery by EFCC of:


$53,272 747.00;

£122,890.00, and;


- Magu

BGM: As a member of the President’s media team, what difference have you made and how has it effect other Nigerians?

JTW: My little difference is maintaining the values I hold high — in hardwork, diligence, & honesty. + inspiring the few I can.

BGN: Is there one thing you’d love this administration to do differently in order to get a more desirable result?

JTW: Improved accountability at all levels of government — states & LGAs. More responsiveness to FOI requests by MDAs is desired.

BGM: It’s been a pleasure & an honor having you @Johannxs on #HotTalkWithBlecyn this evening. I just want to say thank you for gracing the show.

JTW: Definitely my pleasure!

BGM: “I just want to say a big thank you to those who contributed, those who sat back and read tweets. God bless you all”.

Below are some of the questions he didn’t respond to…

Question: In your opinion, why has the EFCC failed to identify owners of loots found in different locations?

Question: Moving away from our topic a little bit, can you tell us the current health situation of the president?

Question: As FG wages war against corruption, some corrupt element in the society fights back, can you identify them?

If you are curious about the above questions, you can simply hit JTW up on twitter. I hope it was a smooth ride reading this interview. Below are screenshots of some comments Johannes responded to…

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