Rt. Hon. Barr John Gaul Lebo: Knowledge Management and Youth Development

Speaker Cross River State House of Assembly, Barr. John .G. Lebo who is a passionate advocate for youth development and empowerment while speaking on HotTalkWithBlecyn urges youth to understand the need of knowledge management and self-development…

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First I had to welcome my guestLadies & gentlemen, I am Blecyn George Monsi and I am the moderator of #HotTalkWithBlecyn. I am so pleased to be with you tonight as we learn from our honorable guest.

May i introduce our guest tonight, he is the speaker Cross River State House of Assembly, Hon. Barr John Gaul Lebo.

“Some are born great other earn greatness through diligence, hard work and professionalism”. Rt. Hon. John Gaul Lebo belongs to the later group. Born at Ibalebo Village, Adadama, Abi Local Government Area, the young star conceived a vision of stardom via advocacy and public activism.
He was called to the Nigerian Bar as Barrister and Solicitor in 1998. Since 1998 when he started practice as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, Barr. Lebo has acquired over 16 years of post call experience.
An addict of intellectual pursuit, Rt. Hon. Lebo is currently on academic programme leading to award of Master Degree in International Economic Law. When elected to CRS House of Assembly in 2011, Rt. Hon. (Barr.) John Gaul Lebo brought his rich pedigree of advocacy to bear on his representation, recording the highest number private member bills and successful motions on the floor of the House.

Blecyn George Monsi: Join me to make welcome our honorable guest tonight @gaullebo on #HotTalkWithBlecyn. We are pleased to have you Sir.

Hon. Barr. John Gaul Lebo: Thank you for having me.

BGM: Please kindly explain to the audience the key points of “Knowledge Management”.

JGL: First of all knowledge management KM is a sector specific intelligence management tool…Knowledge management is sector intelligence management tool. The basic tools required in the application of KM are Intelligence and Sense of awareness. KM also require the refinement. The aspects of KM that enhances youth development is first the refinement of our sense of awareness around our environment.

BGM: What are the aspects in knowledge management enhance youth development?

JGL: KM is composed of a Body of Knowledge ‘BOK’. Every career has BOK. KM enables us to confront every issue. Be armed with BOK. The basic tools required in youth development is The acquisition of knowledge, skills, & mental enterprise.

BGM: Are essential information on the youth labor market readily available to identify youth employment challenges?

JGL: The basic challenges facing youth development in Nigeria is the acquisition of the right skills and right mental awareness.

BGM: What areas do you mentor youths to develop their knowledge, is it in skills or educational ladder?

JGL: The first area is mental renovation. The second is mental enterprise. The third is decision Architecture mindset. Without a renovated mindset, youths will virtually reproduce the mental confusion inherent in our society.

BGM: Apart from knowledge management, can you share other keys to quality youth development?

JGL: Critical to youth development is the application of decision management, youths must think like decision architects. A critical quality is the perspective intelligence and perceptive understanding of the business case environment.

BGM: How can knowledge occupy a fore-stand place in any society, for youths to become the leaders of tomorrow?

JGL: This is the ripe time for young people to get enroll and be properly model or shaped into desired future. Meanwhile, youth development on its own require sector specific intelligence management tool because it has its own BOK. Without an Economic Democracy Nigeria cannot achieve youth development through knowledge management.

BGM: Highly skilled,IT literate, innovative youth graduates are not empowered,what are your plans towards that in CRS?

JGL: In CRS Legislature, we have enacted the youth employment fund to save 5% of our resources to support youth enterprise. It is critical for youths to develop the solution Architecture model mindset, the whole society is in search of solutions.

BGM: Youth restiveness in Nigeria has been a prominent issue in recent times, with youth Development; can that be desist?

JGL: Unless we create the right social infrastructure and modest innovative environment, we can’t do much with youth development.

BGM: In Nigeria or CRS is there any evaluations of positive youth development program?

JGL: In CRS the evaluation of positive youth development can only be based on government intervention. But government intervention alone cannot support effective youth development, a proactive private sector can achieve more. AS a government we have not done much to support private sector development over the past, but there’s improvement. There very positive youth development initiatives through the Tinapa knowledge city, Calabar Carnival, etc.

BGM: How exactly is the government improving on this?

JGL: Through the budget process. Through critical policy interventions. Proactive approach in preemptive decisions. Nigerian leaders must begin to think with the Box office mentality.

BGM: How do you measure Youth Development Outcome in a community where you are helping youth in knowledge management?

JGL: We set up the marking scheme and performance review baseline. We encourage to measure and score their performance. We try to take into consideration the community performance value system, so we can help the Youths to transit. In KM intelligence management and knowledge transition is very important.

BGM: Do you have any current youth development program going on in Cross River State, if yes, please share with us.

JGL: We have the youth job center. The enterprise development centre EDC with the CBN to build their knowledge management. Currently, we have the Calabar Readers Club, Democracy club, youth inspire initiative and the enterprise Academy Project.

Thanks for taking time off your busy schedule to honor our invitation today on #HotTalkWithBlecyn @gaullebo may God’s grace stand by you Sir

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