Sally Suleiman Speaks On Her Charity Navigation and The Story Behind It All…

Her love for charity attracted me to follow her on twitter, weeks on, I couldn’t help but notice how interesting and engaging her page is. I could sense she has a lot to talk about, I could see a story behind every tweet she dropped as at when I had a close check on her page. If you are one of those who happens to be soft and your tears are close, you might cry at some point while reading this interview.

Blecyn George Monsi: Welcome on #HotTalkWithBlecyn this wonderful Thursday evening @is_salsu Can you tell us one question you ask yourself every day?

Salamatu Suleiman: Thank you Blecyn, it would be “how would I have coped with life if I didn’t have the wonderful friends I have today”

BGM: What does the world “Charity” means to you as a philanthropist?

SS: Charity to me means a voluntary giving, it could be in form of money or welfare, any kind of support to help poor people.

Blecyn George Monsi: Tell us about yourself.

Sally Suleiman: Salamatu Suleiman is my name, my friends call me Sally. I am from Edo State, the 2nd child of my parents. I lost my Mum at 5, I never had a good relationship with my Dad, I was raped in my teens, I was once in a violent relationship. I studied International Business at Middlesex University. I work at Oil and Gas free zone authority. I started my foundation professionally in September 2016, but prior to this I have been a philanthropist. My Charity foundation is called “THE ISOLYCIA FOUNDATION” it was named after my late mum Isoken and my step Mum felycia. My foundation is focused on Education, Clean water for rural areas, and empowerment of widows. If I can remember vividly, I started charity work in Primary school. I was fortunate enough to come from a comfortable home.

Speaking about her childhood she recounts how her dad dealt with her. There is one beating I can never forget, I gave out my old stockings to my classmates and my dad flogged me with wire.

BGM: Others chose to change the world through Entrepreneurship, invention or being weird. Why did you choose charity.

SS: I believe that we were created to help one another. There’s so much poverty in the world and we can’t just ignore.

BGM: Please share with us the story behind starting a foundation.

SS: Those really close to me know my struggle&have been really supportive. I have people helping me,why don’t I reciprocate?

BGM: What’s the largest impact you’ve had on the world and what is your biggest giving experience?

SS: The largest impact I have had is financial giving, its not very big but the appreciation from the receiver. Let me share a story,I used to go to a car pack between 2009–2011. I was about 19 then, I go there to give out money. I was giving hawkers money, I started with one guy that sells Gala. I would give him money for his tray of gala. I would give all of them money, and sometimes they would beg please mummy take gala home, they force it in my bag. Sometimes they pray for me. I was fulfilled, I was happy that I was doing something no matter how little to make someone smile.

BGM: Do you track your beneficiaries to know how well they have done since they benefited from your foundation.

SS: Not all, my NGO would be 1year in Sep.tember. I would go back to see how all my beneficiaries are doing

BGM: What are the challenges you face running an NGO?

SS: Finance, I feel bad that I don’t have much to do more

BGM: Does your foundation have staffs, if YES, what motivates your staffs to work with you since it’s a non-profit organization.

SS: No staffs, just volunteers.

BGM What proportion of your revenue do you use for your foundation?

SS: Truth is, I can not say exactly. As I do not record all that I give.

BGM: What is your biggest aspiration and how do you hope to achieve it?

SS: My biggest aspiration is to help at least 500,000 people before I die, and how I hope to achieve it is by working hard.

BGM: Thank you so much for being my guest today on #HotTalkWithBlecyn

SS: Thank you too #HotTalkWithBlecyn

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