Why Narcissism explains Trump’s press conferences

Donald Trump is a Narcissist.

I am a Conservative although largely independent. It is unfortunate that I have to lead with a report of my ideology, but Trump-ers in the Conservative movement might have stopped reading and skipped straight to the comment section to decry my liberal bias.

So back to the lead, Narcissism is not really about self-love, though that is the connotation it has in the larger culture. In the psychology world, it is confined to a personality that doesn’t have room for data that speaks negatively about one’s status. The Narcissist treats people as objects that are used to expand their influence and status. They react impulsively and with great hostility to those they perceive as challenging their own grandiose sense of self. They are disconnected with realities that don’t fit their worldview and are often brilliantly manipulative in their attempts to maintain control and power.

So when the press suggests that the Donald had lesser crowds, President Trump must craft a narrative that protects his apriori belief in the adoration that people must have for him. When he wins the presidency but loses the popularity contest, he must discredit the loss.

But the Narcissist’s ruthlessness betrays an insecure identity that has been rooted in them possibly from birth but certainly from the earliest life stages. If President Trump is not the greatest, then he might discover he is not loved at all. This self-discovery is too dangerous to the Narcissist’s psyche to manage and the anxiety surrounding it will make them go to extreme lengths and alternative facts to protect themselves.

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