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Wonderful stuff. I actually dug the trailer when it was released and have watched it a few times over and still am looking forward to what this could be. And I love the originals, too.

I think there’s an inherent cynicism built into some fandoms who watch trailers these days and that cynicism trickles down to developing forgone conclusions before seeing the movie.

Hell, I’m guilty of it and I’m more than happy to eat humble pie if I write a film off and I end up liking it. Fandom these days is full of cynics because it’s easy to hate and easy to generate clicks / reactions from negativity than positivity. Well, at least, from what I’ve seen.

Disengaging from the fandom from time to time (hard, I know, it’s your job!) is one of the best things to do, I find. In doing so, I reigned in all that negativity which allowed me to sit back and go, “Man, the new Ghostbusters looks pretty solid. I’m in.”

It could be excellent. It could be bad… who knows at this point. It’s silly to judge.

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