The Effects of Affirmative Action

Dec 1, 2016 · 5 min read

IS AFFIRMATIVE ACTION HELPING OUR SOCIETY!!? Affirmative Action regarding minorities in society is a basic device to supply qualified individuals with proportionate access to enlightening and capable employments, and open entryways they would somehow have been denied notwithstanding their strong capacities. These game plans confirm that all Americans are considered sensibly and comparably for occupations. I sincerely feel that Affirmative action regarding minorities in society is an incredible thought on account of how bias and judgmental our general public is. Some may state our general public is maintaining bigotry with governmental policy regarding minorities in society, yet I trust that Affirmative action regarding minorities in society is constraining supremacist and partiality individuals to give individuals measure up to circumstance. A major motivation behind why I concur with Affirmative Action is on the grounds that work environments in our general public today ought to have differences in them, and also schools in our general public, ought to have assorted qualities. This helps our children in the educational system and our general public in the working environment. Governmental policy regarding minorities in society is a major civil argument in our general public. This is such a major civil argument since individuals who differ feel as though they ought to contract who they need to procure in their working environment or permit whoever they need to permit in their schools regardless of their ethnicity. The individuals who concur with governmental policy regarding minorities in society makes it a major level headed discussion since they feel individuals are continually being preferential in various choices and individuals need rise to circumstance in our general public.

AFFIRMATIVE ACTION HELPS THE WORKPLACE!!? Affirmative action regarding minorities in society is an incredible law as I would like to think in view of how it gives everybody an equivalent open door in the working environment. I say this in light of the fact that in a flawless society it is pleasant to surmise that nobody is partiality and everybody has an indistinguishable equivalent chance to land positions from others. In any case, we don’t live in an immaculate society. We live in a general public where African American men get chased after stores, and unnerve police by their appearance, we live in a general public where Hispanic men with tattoos get stereotyped to gangs, we live in a general public where individuals think white individuals can show improvement over whatever other race. In an article, I found from a site called states. “The majority of corporate affirmative action programs are voluntary attempts to improve workforce diversity” (Leporini, 1998).This immediate quote is expressing that governmental policy regarding minorities in society is helping our working environment have differences. I genuinely trust Affirmative action regarding minorities in society helps our general public since it people groups look past generalizations and give individuals openings they would never have.

“It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength” (Maya Angelou).

Affirmative action regarding minorities in society likewise happens in college admissions in light of the fact that our general public needs colleges over the world to be diverse. This helps our children with burdens, still further themselves in school, and the greater part of all, as I would like to think, it breaks a considerable measure of stereotypes that individuals may have on specific races. Affirmative action regarding minorities in society helps our universities across the country simply because of the fact that it forces diversity on college campuses. If affirmative action in society didn’t exist there would be almost no diversity on all college campuses, at that point individuals wouldn’t know how to handle business to this present reality when diverse culture and different ethnicities need to handle business. In an article that I read from the website states “The school said students learn better when there’s diversity on campus and within racial groups” (Pete Williams, 2016). This is an example of why I agree with affirmative action strongly, simply because it helps everyone in a positive way. Diversity in a learning environment will not only expand your ideas on assignments, but will also help you in the real world with connecting and networking with people from different cultures.

“Affirmative action was never meant to be permanent, and now is truly the time to move on to some other approach” (Susan Estrich).

AFFIRMATIVE ACTION CAN BE VERY NEGATIVE!! There are many people in our general public who can’t help contradicting Affirmative action regarding minorities in our society for many reasons. A few people in our general public on the inverse side of Affirmative action may feel that it is something that is destroying our society and shouldn’t be a part of our general society. They may state Affirmative action is something that is maintaining racism which is something our general public doesn’t need. Also, may believe that it is totally wrong and out of line to utilize race as a benefit being admitted into a college. Another reason people may believe affirmative action is bad for our society is because it gives people opportunities and positions that they do not deserve. Likewise, a few people in our general public could feel that it removes acknowledgment from individuals who has really worked for their achievements. I can comprehend why our general public can feel thusly about affirmative action regarding minorities in society.

Affirmative action in our society today can be viewed in many different ways, you have people who are just like me and believe that it can help our society in the workplace, college admissions, and even help take away a lot of racist opinions. Then you have people who believe the total opposite. People feel as if it hurts our society because it gives people opportunities they may not deserve, it keeps racism a problem in our society, and it gives certain races leeway when it comes to college admissions. There are plenty of facts to support both sides of theses 2 opinions on affirmative action, but I feel affirmative action is something our society really needs, simply because of how corrupt our minds are. Everyone in our society today racism is a problem and equal opportunity is also, so I believe affirmative action helps our society with those problems. Many people may not notice these things about our society but it is definitely an issue. I am all for affirmative action and the great things it does in our society.


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