Trump as Cowboy: his circus rolls on

This 1903 silent movie clip struck me as spot-on, right now. As I watch this year’s political theater unfold, I can’t help but recall this movie clip (70 seconds long.) This year, Donald Trump is the cowboy with the gun, shooting at the the rest of the GOP clown car AND at the Democrats’ feet to make them all dance. Polite drinkers disagree politely until a cowboy shows up. [ Via US Library of Congress, clip title “Alphonse and Gaston, no. 3,” SUMMARY
Opens on a set of a saloon or tavern with a long bar and pictures on the wall that include boxers, a ballerina, and a reclining female. At the end of the bar stands the bartender, reading a newspaper. Two men dressed as the clownish characters of Alphonse and Gaston enter the bar. Both have dark, bushy hair and beards and wear hats, with one dressed in a dark jacket and checkerboard pants and the other wearing a plaid jacket, dark trousers, and spats. Alphonse and Gaston order a bottle, then politely and repeatedly insist that the other should take the first drink. A cowboy dressed in fringed chaps, boots, a Western hat, and a neck kerchief enters the bar, a pistol in each hand, and laughs at the Frenchmen’s antics. He begins shooting at their feet, forcing them to dance, while he and the bartender have a good laugh. As the bartender begins to spritz them from soda bottle, Alphonse and Gaston exit the bar dancing. The cowboy walks to the bar and pours himself their drink as he and the bartender continue to laugh over the incident. ]

And now ensconced in the White House, Trump is still doing it, to everyone. With his own laugh track and his own circus sideshow of applause-on-cue toadies. No, he did not receive a standing ovation from the CIA staffers: they were never told to sit down. Those cheering were Trump’s own staffers.

We are being played for fools. And we want more of this?

Trump could save some folks who’re about to lose their jobs and take credit for it, to boot: Trump could pad his paid cheering section — present at every televised event thus far, including the CIA meeting — by hiring all the clowns who will soon be leaving Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus. If ever there was a natural fit, this is it: this event has forever been known as ‘The Greatest Show on Earth.' No idea if these very professional clowns can keep their clown suits, but they sure know how to amuse and distract a crowd. Perfect for Trump’s every public event. Did I mention the crowds cheering at the circus? We know how much unquestioning adulation the new President craves.

Further, Trump’s sons would likely use the former circus lions for target practice on the White House lawn, and First Daughter Ivanka would kill for a new leopard skin coat, I bet?

Russia President Vladimir Putin has already likely advised President Trump against hiring any of these soon-to-be-retired circus bears at the White House, though. “There’s only room enough for one bear,” White House press spokesman Sean Spicer would likely chirp?

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