Acing that Chevening Interview.
Rashawn Thompson

Let me share my experience from today’s interview for a Chevening award, so if anyone can find it helpful, I am glad. The panel was consisted from three people. Each of them asked me few questions, I think 6 in total. The first one asked me:

Why you chose Chevening? and about leadership, my view on leadership and also to mention one person who I see as a leader. After I answer this, he asked me about characteristic of that person that I admire, and one additional question if I think that characteristic is important and my experience abut it.

The second person asked me questions about networking, three in total:

1. How I will use the Chevening time for networking during the period in UK and also after my returning.

2. Which my networking skill I think is my strongest?

3. Give me example where you used this skill in your work.

The third person asked me abut my short term and long term professional goals, and also why I chose those particular courses…however he compose the question is a strange way, that made me a bit confused, in a sense “What is the challenge in the chosen field and how Chevening can support you in that?”

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