Only The Rich Are Poisoned: The Preference of Others
Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Fatty meat, Arabia implosion and water supply

«Hamburgers, to many, are vastly tastier than filet mignon, because of the higher fat content»

Indeed when calories were scarce and/or the powerful had less status anxiety the fatty bits of meat were for the rich, and the merely affluent had to make do with the lean meat, and the poor with shellfish.

«Looking at Saudi Arabia which should progressively revert to the pre-oil level of poverty, I wonder if Vauvenargues would tell them that taking away some things from them –and the swarm of fawning foreigners coming to skin them –will make them better off.»

There is a darker side effect, and the consequences of that will destroy your native land, and much else besides. The problem is the desalination plants, where Arabia currently had 3–4 times the population that its carrying capacity (for food or water, but water is far more critical) can support.

I have seen pre-WW2 photos of Jeddah in which it was a charming arab style harbour townlet:

When oil runs out, water runs out, and there will be 15 million people in Arabia desperate to get out at any cost. The Saudi government have ordered a large number of nuclear power stations to power desalination plants, but that happened 7 years ago and nothing has been built so far, for obvious reasons. The first nuclear plant in Arabia has been just completed in the UAE, not coincidentally not far from a large USA base.

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