Does Human Teleportation REALLY Exist? According to Ancient Yogis — YES

‘Isha vasyam idam sarvam’ — Whatever exists is energy. — Ishavasya Upanishads

So, it turns out Star Trek was right — teleporting yourself is very real, and it all has to do with elevating your body’s frequency (the body is, after all, nothing but energy).

This theory isn’t completely absurd. In 2014, scientists in the Netherlands successfully teleported a standing particle, and if you’re a conspiracy buff, the US government achieved an even larger feat roughly 70 years before when an entire Navy ship was teleported during a classified project referred to as ‘The Philadelphia Experiment.’

But when we’re talking about self-teleportation, it has nothing to do with modern science, high-tech gadgets or any conspiracy theories — it has to do with consciousness and energy.

Modern quantum physics has began to build a beautiful bridge between the world of science and the realm of spirituality. For centuries we saw the world as physical, material and it is what you see. But these forms of thought have all been shattered and many new discoveries have come about. When we look at the human body, it’s comprised of trillions of cells, all intelligently functioning in communion with one another by sending & receiving information on how to function. They can make concrete decisions and make purposeful actions based specifically on that information, all in the name of maintaining health. Yet, at even a deeper level, the physical matter which makes up the material of our cells also has a consciousness of its own (understood through the infamous double-split experiment), which means, not only does the cell have a level of intelligence, but so does its particles. And since the body is nothing but these minute particles (which is 99.99% empty space) then it is nothing but pure energy made up of various complex energy systems. Finally, every last particle & cell that makes up your body is in a constant state of vibration, which emanates a specific frequency that emits more or less light & coherent energy.

And now, the ‘pseudo-science.’

When our entire energy-body becomes completely coherent, vibrating at the fastest frequency possible in this physical form it will completely vanish. This is a phenomenon that modern physicists have witnessed before as well with tiny particles known as ‘strange’ & ‘anti-strange’ quarks, which randomly appear & disappear at their own accord. When these quarks vanish physicists have no idea how, why or where they go.

So one has to ask, ‘how do we get our particles to vibrate fast enough to disappear?’

It’s a Divine connection.

Every emotion we have carry its own frequency: when we’re sad, we feel ‘low.’ When we’re happy, we feel ‘high.’ We say we feel that way partially because we’re literally vibrating at that frequency. When measured, physicists have shown that the lowest human vibration possible is fear, and the highest vibration is love. But even these vibrations can be expanded upon.

When you have a deep-feeling connection to the Divine, it is the highest vibrational record of love. It is the closest you get to your true self. Because included with the particles & energy, you are also made of the same essence of the Divine — consciousness. What quantum physics calls the ‘Unified Field’ (or ‘Field’), an invisible force beyond time & space that Nobel Prize winner Max Planck spoke about over 100 years ago now.

‘All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force… We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter.”

Later Planck would go on to say that,

“Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are a part of the mystery that we are trying to solve.”

When you shed your identity with the light-particles of the body, and connect entirely with the the Unified Field, Cosmic Consciousness, the Divine, referred to as ‘Shiva’ in Sanskrit, this is how Super-Human capabilities happen. His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda says it is your Will that is the umbilical chord to the Cosmos, to Shiva within You. Thus, the stronger your Will and deeper your feeling-connection with the Cosmos is what raises your frequency to a light-body state to transcend the dimension of this 3D Universe.

This is the Ultimate in Yoga. To completely shed the self and experience complete communion with the Sadashiva, the ‘Unified Field.’ This happening is self-realization. Enlightenment.

Riddled throughout the history books are countless stories of ancient Yogis who have reached this state of being, and are capable of expressing extraordinary feats: super-human strength, shrinking or expanding in physical form or even the topic of choice, teleportation. However, these feats happened during a time that science couldn’t even begin to comprehend how they were possible. But with the arrival of quantum physics, the left-brained, logical, modern humans, can receive these sacred Yogic Sciences in a language they’ll understand.

Over two thousand years ago, a Divine Being on the planet named ‘Patanjali,’ also known as ‘The Father of Yoga’, revealed many of these Yogic Sciences to His disciples. One technique included the technique of how to teleport oneself to different dimensions of reality —He called it ‘Tan Maatra’ in His Yoga Sutras v.155. This Sanskrit verse has been translated by many Enlightened Beings, most recently by His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda, who has stated that ‘tan maatras’ means ‘the ability to flow into any frequency.’

It sounds simple, but tan maatras, or teleportation, takes an extremely well-prepared mind & body. It takes pristine discipline, or integrity, and an unshakeable consciousness set on realizing its Divine self. This is the journey of a Yogi.

Yoga guides you in transcending the mind-body and their chaotic & stubborn existences, which try to prove & establish again & again that they are you and that you should come back to your senses. However, the ancient Hindu science of Yoga beautifully nurtures you along every step of your journey because the Field, Shiva, wants exactly what you want; Shiva empowers your Will to achieve whatever that desire may be.

And if your desire is to transcend the body… then you’d better build a strong body.

Experiencing tan maatra, flowing into the highest frequency possible and manifest the power of teleportation is difficult because we don’t take proper care of our physical body. His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda says the first step to purifying the subtle body, to raise yourself to any frequency, is for at least six months you should workout intensely to the point where your body has a subtle, sweet pain of muscle-building…. Then, He says, ‘your tan maatra & physical body will be in tune..’

‘When you take on this responsibility, the higher energies express through you. When you break your tiredness & boredom, the Source of consciousness is opening in you…

Look into your muscles which claims pain, and with integrity & authenticity, handle that pain… Then you will understand, the pain your muscles claim is pseudo pain, false pain.

- His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Of course.. the science of teleportation and the system to follow to manifest this power is much more in-depth than one blog. However, what I hope this blog does for you is show you that the possibility exists, and if you want to at least start the path… then get in the gym and do some #Sets4Shiva.

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Sri Nithya Dridhananda

Written by

Director of Nithyananda Shivastambha Yoga, Functional Strength Coach, Sports Nutritionist, and Former Professional Hockey Player