Lets be honest — we may have outgrown our baby blankets and pacifiers but sometimes I wonder if we’ve simply replaced them with our mobile devices and social media accounts.

As a population we have become addicted — spending more then a few hours on our devices, we wonder; “What’s going on without us? What are we missing out on?”

The Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) is Real!

To grow our businesses and spread our message, we cannot afford to let the FOMO control our resources. Time, Money, energy or mindfulness are all limited. We must focus these on getting things done; and by things I mean actions that will actually yield results in our business!

The Challenges are real — but Manageable

Tell me — What are you most struggling with?

  • Overflowing inbox / work overload
  • Struggle to compete
  • Pressure for everything to feel current and/or ahead of the curve
  • Managing/Understand the many different platforms and apps available all promising to save you time & money
  • Feeling that you are trapped, missing something or that everyone is handling social media way better than you can even dream of

This unnecessary stress causes us to feel like we don’t have control, like we’re not capable. This leads to procrastination and giving up.

Giving up is not an option. The World needs your Brilliance.

What’s your biggest challenge?

Mine is an overflowing inbox, damn straight! And now that I’ve outed myself, what’s your biggest challenge?

Comment below or come join us and see that you are not the only one struggling. You will also benifit from great tip & tricks on managing these challenges.