Your Happiness Habits can help you build the business of your dreams…

Hello sweet blisspreneur!

My wish for you this week, is to build the business you’ve always dreamed of by creating Happiness Habits.

You might be thinking of launching a new brand or have already been working at your business for many years. The question I want you to ask yourself this week is:

“Is my business a true reflection of my authenticity and what I want to share with the world? Is my business truly aligned with my purpose?”

Instinctively you might be tempted to say yes, but what does your gut really say? What are you feeling inside, when you ask yourself this question? Are you feeling at peace or a little anxious? Peace is good. Anxiety however, is a sign that you’re out of alignment and not living your purpose.

Don’t worry, I felt the same icky feeling, deep down in my gut, when I asked myself this same question years ago. In my case, the anxiety would send me spiraling. It was so bad that I couldn’t even walk into my office. I knew I had to do something because I LOVED my business, I LOVED my clients even more, I just wasn’t having fun.

I was stress for all the wrong reasons and not paying attention to what was really important, my happiness. When I am happy, I am more fun to be around, I am more generous, I am more creative and I am at peace. Finding happiness doesn’t mean spending loads of money, running from your business or doing something drastic. It simply means aligning with your true self and purpose.

If I was to continue doing what I loved, I knew I had to make some changes. I got out of my office, drove to the nearest coffee shop, ordered a giant chai latte and got uber quiet. By quiet, I mean still, pensive, reflective. I was there for one specific reason, to remember what made me HAPPY. After a few sips, I pulled out my fancy notebook, and began writing. I drew, I scribbled, I wrote exactly what made me happy. I created a list of habits that would save me every time I felt myself spiraling again.

Here’s what part of my list looked like…

  • Listen to Sara Bareilles or John Mayer (depending on my mood)
  • Read a chapter, any chapter, from one of The Bloggess books, she’s crazy hilarious
  • Read my “thought for the day” from Abraham Hicks perpetual calendar
  • Meditate
  • Go for a walk
  • Water my plants
  • Light a candle
  • Light my Hymallaian salt lamp and hold my hands over it to basque in the warm energy
  • Hold one of my crystals and send love and strength to a friend in need
  • Write down the names of 5 people I am grateful for and why

Seriously, just looking at this list makes me happy.

I call these my Happiness Habits. Whenever I feel stressed, I pull out my list, pick one or two habits and drop everything to get Happy. I keep a running copy of this ever-expanding list in Evernote (my favorite app ever), so it’s accessible from anywhere.

What do Happiness Habits have to do with building the business of your dreams?

When you are happy, you make decisions that will keep you happy. That goes for your business and your life. You realize that not every opportunity is a right opportunity. Every challenge is not the end of your business, but rather a chance to look at your business with a different perspective, from another vantage point. While you’re in this state of peace, you’re thinking more with your intuition and your heart, and less with your head. Your fears take a back seat while you “check-in” with your true self to find alignment with your best self.

Happiness Habits help you navigate the challenges and opportunities to be more more mindful to what feels good, so you make decisions from a position of authenticity and strength. From this position, you have more clarity to know when you should be saying yes and when you should be saying NO. That peace alone is something to be happy about.

Have you ever created Happiness Habits? I want to know.

Your happiness is contagious and will inspire others to create their own Happiness Habits. Please come share in the Blissonomics group on Facebook. Come hang out with us. Living the Blissonomics way can be a reality for you too, especially when you surround yourself with people who are already living it. It’s a private closed Facebook group, my gift to you, so we can stay connected. Click here to get access to the group.

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