Empower Her 17 Atlanta Recap

This Monday I kicked the week off with a room full of Black girl magic at the Empower Her Panel Tour presented by Ford Motor Company. Tech Square Labs Atlanta was the first stop for the Empower Her tour, by far my favorite event of 2017 so far. Real food (Caesar salad cups, meatballs, AND 3 different dips!). Real gems dropped. Real connections made. The atmosphere was motivating and the air was thick with women ready to learn how they can live their best lives.

Blavity CEO, Morgan DeBaun, led an intimate discussion with CEO and Founder of CurlBox, Myleik Teele, all about how women can live their best lives. Morgan founded the thriving tech and multimedia company Blavity at the age of 24 and has been taking over the digital scene while giving black millennials a voice since.

Myleik has revolutionized the black hair game with her monthly subscription box service for black women and encourages us all through her podcast, MyTaughtYou, sharing the highs and lows of her entrepreneurial journey. The conversation touched on everything from love, friendships, business, and money. I captured some of my favorite gems dropped below.

On transitioning:

Most millennial women are filled with motivation, business ideas and dreams. Myleik immediately began her story recalling phases of transition in her journey. She shared how she moved from California to Atlanta at age 29 with a then boyfriend. Not long after arriving, she realized it was not what she wanted and found herself in the A having to find or make a way. She began doing freelance PR work and even accepted a role as an assistant for Real Housewife of Atlanta Kim Zolciak. She reminds us that YOU HAVE TIME. EMBRACE THE JOURNEY. Her now multimillion dollar business CurlBox was birthed from the transition.

On career mistakes:

Mistakes don’t come without their lessons. Morgan speaks about the early stages of pitching and raising capital for Blavity. Her biggest lessons were to trust her gut, not give into statistics, or what critics claim you can’t do. After she removed the doubts and limitations she put on herself she was able to realize that she was one of the few black women to raise over 1 million dollars for a venture.

Myleik reminds us that you can’t avoid failure. There is no one tip. There are no short cuts. Show up. Shut up. Get to work. Listen. Pay attention. Stay late. Create your value.

On staying grounded:

Myliek is very transparent about the days when she was checking bank accounts hoping for the best and uncomfortable with making money. Many of us that follow her on social media know those days are over and she has embraced where she is financially. So how does she not get caught up in the standard flexing for the gram trap? Myleik lets us know any of this can go away at any moment. “I work every day I don’t even chill on the weekend. I got bills, that’s how I stay grounded” It’s that simple for her. Got a family to feed (staff of course lol).

On building teams:

Everyone want’s to know,how do you find quality people? Both ladies provided insight on this topic.

-Hire against your weaknesses. Hire for hunger not for skill-hire someone with guts and heart.

“I hire people that are great at things that I suck at” –Myliek

-For those joining teams: Work toward making something else big, not YOU big. When you contribute to making your team reputable in your field your alignment will be all that’s needed.

On choosing your next big idea:

We all walk around with so many ideas but it can be difficult to figure out the best idea to pursue. Morgan broke down the criteria she used when deciding to move forward with Blavity and has since used to build her empire. For Morgan the idea must be:

Something she’s passionate about

Something she is uniquely qualified and skilled for- must be capable of being the best at

Something that’s for people she cares about

Something that already has a market and can be profitable

On living your best life:

Be brutally honest with yourself. What are you lacking in life? What excites you in life? What drives you? What are you skilled at? What could you be doing better?

The Empower Her Panel Tour is making two more stops in Nashville and Washington, D.C. leading up to the Empower Her 2017 Conference in Chicago on Friday June 9th for influencers, digital creators, and entrepreneurs.

Sessions will range from intimate AMA sessions, fireside chats, and finding your tribe. Engage with a collective of influencers, entrepreneurs, and brands who are blazing trails in every industry and field.

You can stay posted with all things Myleik, Morgan, and Empower Her by following their social media handles below:

Myleik: @myleik / @CurlBox

Morgan/Blavity: @morgandebaun / @blavity

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