It’s All In The Details

I had to run errands today. It was 8 a.m. and I saw my Cousin Robert downtown. It was good to see him up early, he normally sleeps until 10 or 11. He told me he just had to get out of the house. My guess is he was starting his Christmas shopping early.

It was after 1 p.m. when I got to the college library. There aren’t any classes today so the library is quiet. I was surfing the internet and saw an article on the Blogmutt Newsletter about blizzards and home insurance. It had sub-titles like:

· Pay Attention To The Roof

· Don’t Neglect Your Pipes

· You’re Responsible For Sidewalks

It was about unexpected things that might happen and how to get prepared for them to help you with your insurance claim.

What it reminded me of was my Uncle Lazaro telling me I had to stay on top of a lot of little things if I didn’t want to get buried with in them. He passed on when I was 13 or 14.

I think it’s interesting how memory works.

Written by Mark Blevins

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Blogmutt Newsletter November 18, 2016 “Are Blizzards Included In Home Insurance Coverage?” by Casey Cline

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