Blloon is refuelling

Blloon launched just over a year ago with an eye to revamping book discovery, providing a flawless reading experience on mobile, and offering our readers great value for money.

We’re extremely proud of our tight-knit team and the beautiful product that we have built. We’ve shaken up book discovery with our curated readlists, created some fantastic features, like our quote generator, and we were the first reading app to build a light-sensitive Chameleon reading mode.

That said, we haven’t been able to align with our partners to make our current business model sustainable. As a result, we are putting our service into hibernation mode while we review our strategy on how to make Blloon rise again.

We’re humbled by the wonderful community of readers that have joined us for the ride so far. We have sent each of you a personal email with all of the information you need. We will get back in touch once we have an update.

There is a rich future for digital innovations in the ebook world. We’re very excited to see what will happen next.

Up, up, and away,
The Blloon team